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    I have been the one talking to both MH, and the HQ in Germany.... They seem to think that it's not possible for the to lock the acc due to privacy laws... I have tried to convince them that this have not been an issue before (it's been done botn on uk and dk servers) but they say their hands are tied.

    The seperate ally made in her memory were the best solution we could think of.

    if you’re going to engage in a pissing contest, you need a shorter name. Unless you drink 20 pints and have a huge bladder, you will never be able to write your name in the snow :(

    pissing contest and snow??? We finally have 20+ degrees and u have to remind of winter??

    your guys are nornally only brave enough to go for feeders aren't you??

    Thats just BS mate... MFH are the ones only hitting supply villas!

    We hit 3 mains this OP, and cheifed a hammer villa (but u know that). Cant remember the amout of mains last op, but before u say we never hit mains, maybe go talk to lupin?

    @DaegontheSnake what do you do in real life? Does anyone from MFH know (in case he doesn't reply :thumbsup: ). I think he is an English teacher....
    I disagree with Alexhol.

    Please can we have more poems for future reports? Regardless of whether it is MFH attacking or GoT.

    On a side note, although I don't think that attack did that much damage, it does show that a few extra fakes and GOT are unable to coordinate defense (or, as they should have done, they defended their larger players and ignored smaller players' support).

    If an op hitting 4 supply villas can get a poem like that, i would like to see what he can do with our last op hitting 7 mains :D But eventho much of his "poem" is based of fiction it was a nice laugh! And we have to remember thats why we are here :D

    Fine hits indeed! And I appreciate that u try to keep our deffesive players awake, and that u, eventho u laughed at our fakes in the beginning of the server, now seem to have found an appreciation of the concept ;)

    On a personal note i do not consider supply villas to be to hard to boost when some of them have 7 wheatfields (u removed 6) and either still have warehouse/grannary or Mainbuilding/marketplace.

    But i really want to congratulate mfh on their first succesfull offensive op :)

    It is a simple mistake that Jormungands report isn't part of the full op report. He simply forgot to send it, and it is hard to remember every single hit, after all we hit app. 3 times a week ;)
    Id you think we're withholding the report by purpose i can post messages howing otherwise if u can get Happy to translate ;)

    But here goes, the most impressiv MFH main we've seen so far :)

    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    Also, love how thier dead players account is still growing, someone must be using a Ouija board over in Denmark or something

    Please show some evidence on this???

    As i see it she fell in pop from us removing her warehouse ect.


    Ah, bummer. I completely forgot about ST... How I let that slip, I have no idea... they even have a pact... Ill edit when i get the time

    Regarding ST it is a know fact that we're helping them out.

    From the start of the server we recieved A LOT of applications, and rejected every single one of them. Some of them formed ST, and yes we began to refer rejected players to ST. As time passed MFH didn't seem to be interested in attacking us! But instead went for a much safer win and attacked ST!
    Who should ST ask for help if not us? And why shouldnt we take that oppotunity to wall some MFH hammers? Our deffensiv players were bored u know ;)

    This was known for a long time, that GotN is lacking in numbers, but every account makes a big difference, no average accounts in their alliance. Normally, id put MFH ahead, since even if GotN damage something, MFH can make a push and fix the losses in relatively short time, since they have the numbers advantage. But after reading the forum for a while, Ive come to realise, that alliance by the name of H+++ is intending to helping GotN out whenever possible. So lets call all this bunch of alliances (GotN + H+++ + H++&+ H++) a "northeren alliance. And lets compare the numbers now.

    Ok i really have to put some perspective on this.

    The H+++ or what ever they name themself are by no means part of GoTN, nor are they helping us out.

    As MFH has posted in here we have had a correspondance with H++++. On the 25.4 they wrote to us, on the Loki acc. It is as far as i know (and i consider myself very well informed) the first contact we had with the alliance. They simply stated that were building deffesive to a ww if we decided to build one.
    This was a big surprise considering that we thought they where working with MFH, since we earlier on had seen Keon help Kali out when Hel attacked Kalis main (and also are seeing Kali settling his newest villa right next to keon). In addition we where surprised since we still do not have any plans towards WW.
    My dual decided to figure out there intentions by asking: what about the wars in betwheen?
    When MFH shortly after chose to attack us with the first real op till now, we simply asked if they had any deff, figuring that if they wanted to deffend against mfh, they had no ties to them. As i remember we did not recieve a single unit. MFH on the other hand recived the igm's between Warlock and Loki?? One have to wonder who acutally got something out ofthe h+ offer?

    Since then there have been no interaction besides a nap request from h+, witch was declined.

    Regarding Betrayed I think it have been established several times that it was an agreement betwheen two players, and not ally wide.

    That is not procedure.

    It is at the discretion of the other players.

    The one last year was RD vs MFH vs Null and as all alliances respected each other they agreed to leave the account alone. It was never locked

    Oh i see thanks.... Then the situation is a bit different i guess...

    Maybe @Marksy_UK will clearify?

    What the hell is an ingame leader?

    Who ever MH refers to as their team leader i guess :)

    Im simply trying to figure out who it is that refuses to help us honoring a dead ally member.

    Have heard that there is precede on the uk servers, as there is on the danish, that when a member dies, on request, the account can get locked down. MFH told me that they had a simular situation last year... Can anybody confirm that it is normal procedure on the uk domain?

    I know it is on the danish, since we lost another member 1,5 years ago.

    Since i'm new to the UK domains this might be a stupid qustion, but who is the Team Lead for the UK domain, and how do mortals like me get in contact with him?

    only 2-3 GPs in 2days, can't do 20 of them daily right?

    btw, with this quote you just proved you're ....... who just wants attention and approval from enemy alliance.

    So u guys don't think travian is a mindgame aswell? If not, why do u even try to sell this as a victory? The only reason i can see is that u try to keep up the moral in ur ally, and thats have to be a hard task!