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    If you find a decent alliance, defense will be handled as a team effort. But if your alliance situation is uncertain, you should probably see if you could find some defensive players near you and cooperate with them (you can help them chief villages, won't attack them and in return they will help you with defense), but also have a couple of your own villages producing praetorians.

    Beside the allaince I want to be able to def myself but thank you! I will try the defensive players thing

    Just caesarises take more attack points for less time.

    And sometimes it's used for def

    It's perfectly fine to use EI too. They give slightly less off/time as mentioned above, but EI is a lot easier to run (especially if you raid) than EC.

    The EI are faster and carry more resources. Additionally they are cheaper than the EC and faster to train so I prefer to train EI over the EC. For infantry you have to go with imperians cause they are the strongest attacking infantry you can get as Roman and compensate their training costs.

    hey there.

    I am one of the kings of Romans, and I will tell you that EIs beat ECs any day. Do not let statistics fool you as on paper does not equate the reality. EIs are cheaper to train, they eat less, they raid faster, they carry more, and you can send EIs solo too. So, an EI hammer will easily feed your entire hammer, train army with GS/GB, and still get you some leftovers on top.

    On contrary, if you run an EC hammer, you will only choke your account at one point. I have done EIs wwk that went to 890k since we lost a lot to spikes and friendly fire, while two of my friends made EIs hammer of 1mill+ and they too lost to spikes (and there are no more spikes now, imagine what can EIs do). The biggest EC hammer that I have seen made "fairly" was 650k.

    Even if you do not want to raid, EIs require much fewer resources per hour to train too. Besides, when you want to use your account wide resources to train troops with trainers, EIs can quickly raid your villages out and boost the entire process. Oh, and EIs are much better to look at than ECs. Specially on the farmlist. So, go with EIs always. Do not let statistics get you into the headache that ECs are. Otherwise you might as well pick teutons over Romans since on paper they are stronger.

    Guys thank you very much! You helped me a lot!

    I have another question and I will really appreciate your answers... How do you recommend to defense the account if you are going off and building a hammer?

    Hi there!

    I read in a lot of guides that the best roman hammer consists of imperians:rom03: and caesarises:rom06:, but according to some researches I did about the caesarises and the imperatorises:rom05: it seems like the imperatoris is better than the caesaris because of his cost per power, speed, resources he can carry and more

    Can you recommend me what is better? What horses should I build in a roman hammer? please explain yourself and add reasons:D


    The thing that was wrong in the librarian's story is that he said the thief ran away through that door, but in the image, you can see that the door is opening back, in the direction to our position. Also, you can see there are books in that direction, so if the thief really ran away from there he should open the door and the door should move the books, what didn't happen. That how the guards understood he is lying.

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