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    This may have been the most brilliant concept i've ever seen. 2x Troop speed but 5x Oasis animals respawning speed. You literally send a raid on an empty oasis and all the animal kinds are back before you even get there. You clear the oasis with hero, send first wave of troops to clear it out and get resources, second wave to get more resources and animals are already spawning before your troops even arrive.

    TG pls you didn't even have the decency to put a cap on oasis respawning speeds ? Come on. Seriously. So what everyone is supposed to sim their second village now ?

    Editing all the farm list at the same time - like select all and changing the troops in all of the raids with few clicks

    Maybe filters that will auto select all the farms which were yellow or red last time

    When you are looking at the map and you click on Add (or even Edit) you used to be able to tell whether you already had that village/oasis in a certain farm list. It used to reload/flash subtly as you changed the list selector and you knew that meant it already existed. Now you can't tell, which is really annoying, so you're forced to add it all over again to every farm list you have, just in case. This basically makes it triple the work if you want it in more than one list. A workaround would be to change that bottom bit where it says several farm lists, to actually showing the lists it is already in.

    While pretending we can have whatever we want, the ability to check ten raids and move them all to another list at once would be great, but I don't really believe in Santa Claus.

    Fantastic Suggestions here Stellamini