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    What i personally would have preferred is to keep the servers as they are and simply include the possibility of changing the language in a server.

    Say for example i'm playing on a french server and i don't speak french, there should be an option in the settings which allows me to switch the language displayed from French to whatever language i want (or at the very least, the most spoken languages + languages in the region).

    And i know the Google translate does it automatically but believe me, google translate does a horrific job. The translations are usually not accurate enough, there's a time delay where your browser lags whilst waiting for the translation (imagine having a ping on whatever action you do), some things don't get translated at all (If you open a menu and you don't refresh the page, a small example would be opening the task menu for example).

    Other problems include completely bugging interfaces such as "Send Troops".

    Just give us the option of changing languages in the settings please

    There are Six probabilities here, (G = Gold/S = Silver/B = Bronze/T = Truth/F = False/R = Random)
    1) G = T; S = F; B = R
    2) S = T; G =R ;B = F
    3) B = T; G = F;S = R
    4) G = T; S = R; B = F
    5) S = T; G = F; B = R
    6) B = T; S = F; G = R

    I will spare you the analysis and give you the results :
    1) Is impossible because the results are contradictory in the Truth/False statements (For example : If two guys say the same thing, either both are correct or both are wrong, you can't say one is wrong and one is correct.=
    5) Is also impossible because the results are contradictory in the Truth/False Statements

    3) and 4) are not contradictory in their Truth/False Statements but when you mix the results with the Random results, it becomes contradictory.

    That leaves us with 2) and 6). What 2 tells you in summary : Gold is not safe/Silver and Bronze are safe.
    6 Tells you : Bronze is not safe/Gold and Silver are safe.

    By Process of elimination (and hopefully wanting to have the highest odds of survivability) The safe path (if not at least the Safest among the paths) is the SILVER Path

    Okay so first things first :

    We want to take a look at the odds. Every person here has Two equal odds of 50% of :

    1) Being a Priestess (50%)
    2) Not Being a Priestess (50%)

    If you look at the 3rd and 4th statements, you can figure out for sure one Priestess.

    Third Statement : If I am not a priestess (Nefertari), then Amizi is a Priestess (we'll focus on only this part for now)
    If Amizi is a priestess, So am I.

    There's some contradiction here but ultimately, Amizi is a Priestess no matter what. Wether Nefetari is a priestess or not, Amizi is a priestess.

    To illustrate my point, I can give you a grim example (i'm not good with examples) a Murderer holds a person captive and tells them : If you talk I'll kill you and if you don't talk I'll kill you. Which means the person is doomed either way.

    So we've established Amizi is a Priestess. And from here, it's as clear as day (That is, if I was correct in the first place)
    Amizi is a priestess so, according to the first statement, so is Bennu
    According to second statement, Phoeba is also a priestess (we already established Amizi is a priestess).
    And according to the end statement, Nefertari is also a priestess.

    ANSWER : All Four of the Friends are Priestesses and Nefertari is also a priestess herself yes.

    Okay, so obviously A = 5. As for B and C, it gets a little more tricky.
    So the second digit and third digit have to be the same. Let's work on the third digit since it's the easiest : 6+6=12, we put the 2 in there (So B = 2, that becomes a fact). Now we need to have 2 be in the second digit aswell while having both Cs set to 1 Value. This gives us :


    So A = 5
    B = 2
    C = 1.

    Coordinates are (52|1).
    S : South
    W : West
    E : East.

    Now, the way travian works is North-East is (+|+), South West is (-|-), South-East is (+|-) and North-West is (-|+)

    So we start at 52|1 (we're at north-east effectively)
    We go south by 57 Fields : 52|-56
    East by 73 Fields : 125|-56
    South by 47 Fields : 125|-103
    East by 57 Fields : 182|-103
    South by 43 Fields : 182|-146
    West by 26 Fields : 156|-146
    South by 18 Fields : 156|164

    The Coordinates are (156|164) ;) Tell me if my numbers are wrong :D