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    I really like that story and i must thank you for that <3

    • :clay:=25

    • Get a +5 Gold pay raise for every half a year

    Is better payment method for workers

    After 3 years the worker will earn 465gold and it will raise more and more in next years.

    Hey there!

    My nick name is Ocht and i played so many servers with this name ,right now server

    I wanna show the world my different play style as a roman player, everyone thinks travian is absolut fight and farming well but you can play with calculated resource too...

    And remember the winner of the game is the one who defence well with his/her team.

    Plus there is no multi and freaking free gold by referral system that is the only weakness of the travian. And its the only fair server i know.

    I hope i get the wild card and i wish everyone good luck there!

    Best regards,

    Mohammad Ocht

    both statements on Bronze door are TRUE
    both statements on Gold door are FALSE

    On the Silver door there is one true and one false statement
    So ill chose the GOLD door and ill survive :)