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    Archery Range (Huns)

    Huns favored the bow more than any other weapon, so I think their second unique building should reflect that skill. The archery range can be built in cap, and act as a GB(GS)/HDT/Smithy hybrid. It boosts the attack power of bows and marksmen account wide (like Smithy upgrades but weaker) and is cumulative with the Smithy (and metallurgy) bonuses. The training time for these units is also reduced account wide (like HDT) but with no reduction in crop consumption. Within the capital it will act like a GB/GS with x3 cost as regular barracks or stables.


    Barracks L20, Stables L20 (or L15/L15 since it is for just two unit types)

    Other info:

    Since it is most similar to the Roman's HDT, I thought it should have the same costs and training time reduction per level as well.

    Stop acting like victim nothing major enough happend for meta that big to be short on deff now your excuses looks just silly

    That is shame on you and norhing to brag about how others can get deff points if you don't make any attacks? Everyone here has tons of deff just don't have anything to use it on.

    well seems your 'trolling' will cost this server so I wouldn't say that's nothing

    Anyway, at this point, we are fighting against the whole world basically. We can’t really win the server while Bedlam, THC, Heathens and Basta are having operas after operas against us. Too many fronts for us to be able to keep every region we took. Our deff rate is already through the roof.

    well now you play like bedlam had to play half of the server.

    You’re saying that you won’t help anyone win, but so far you’re helping THC do so. And preventing us from winning. What is up with that? It seems that really all you want it revenge. What’s the point of saying you won’t help anyone win then?

    I am not gonna go about saying who deserves the win. And who’s the better people. I’ll just say that we acknowledged Bedlam long ago, which didn’t happen with THC, regardless of the NAP we had.

    you can't be more wrong in last few weeks bedlem went on more thc regions and took them then on webs

    No one playing qualification servers for serious. And there is no such thing as Russian qualification. Then server before. Its not their first win.

    as always your reasoning same only 10 of them played there probably,right? they lost because we was to full of themslefs like you are and thought they are miles better then everyone else ofcourse were proven wrong :) and it's Russian qualification because russians always are host of their group