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    lol sure. Last time i checked, they won. And server before:) But ye nothing special, just wining tournament here and there:)) If its nothing special, why you didnt win some none special tournaments of Travian?:)

    wasn't Dacia won server before that? and last time I checked they managed to loose russian qulification

    But they won?:)

    last finals nobody won because of rollback because of system someone needed to take that "title" but nobody cared

    Your first finals?

    Or are you just a litle bit confuse?

    last year played against your "dream team" and their are nothing special at all

    Well finals are coming to the end and codex x2 will start in a time good for all ppl,so maybe you can have the chance to see for your self the full potential of web/cartago whit the other 80% of the team.

    I doubt that any other team recrut so many new members like web for this server.

    So if you think that even if you recrut old members of your alliance the game would be more equal/equlibrated we all hope that you can recrut that old member,so maybe you can see what the russian teams can actually do.


    Have a nice game

    well if those player for winter on finals so not that much to be afraid I would say

    P.S. i can place any bet that in 1 vs 1 situation without gold i would kill you both without a doubt:) I wonder what you gona tell then:)

    how much would you bet as solo wothou gold or techs against me and final word?

    Yeah Viva lowlandia

    strange how ciccio says villages taken do nothing while he was so happy last year after catapulting fields on some russian accounts and talked how much damage that do for meta supporting

    maybe they don't give artefact to players with 16 fields and 50k troops because they don't realy need that artefact. All acc from smurfs got to use atrifacts as needed so wouldn't say only exodus use them

    I would say nobody deserves to win this server but someone will do that

    Not all here having fun are playing with ita.

    It's just funny to see emerik recruit player every server and is still unable to do proper missions

    I am sure the reports will be shared here from every team as soon as possible.

    Maybe you wanna start :sleeping:

    doesn't every meta recruit new players every server? because more player leave game then new came and everyone still want same number of players on their side

    maybe ITA meta should show some kind of decent OP themselfs before talking trash? Easy to don't do mistakes while you don't do anything :) and I seen them walling on TH tonight also but maybe they forget to mention

    Bedlam somehow managed farm just fine while being attacked by web and thc so don't blame that :)

    you know that accounts you show us were inactive tech accounts right? And as I already said deff points don't matter too much because most of them were from turk attacks because winters didin't do any ops on us

    first of all I know all about that server myself and smurfs was like third in deff points last finals most points being from turks. Winter did like 2 ops us all server and that's all. Yeah you maybe have few villages in our zone but that is far away from us being pushed out of there because we stayed all server in the same place we came. Unless you're talking about last year qulification all your statments are wrong.

    the weak shall fear the strong, the weak will band in hordes and try to extinguish the light of Strong ones. the hordes will keep piling wave after wave, after wave. but strong ones will stand and keep they'r heads up - there is nothing to be afraid. we are the bringers of calm, we are the keepers of peace. we are the light, we shall fear no dark. even if the strong shall fall. the weak ones will remember, might not remember the names, the full stories, but the fact remains, the whispers shall not be silenced. the rumours will spread that 20 players having one village held they'r ground against the mass of confederation, against players of nation or even more. and you were not able to do a thing. we never had accounts to be taken out, we never had villages to be taken over, we never intented to have. so spread lies that the weak-ones have done harm to us. spread misinformation. the strong one shall not falter.

    we hold no grudge, no anger. we see no reason to. we lost no one, we lost nothing, only the ones who lurk in the dark lost they legions upon our walls. in the name of fallen soldiers- despite being the dark ones, we shall hold the rite today - may be peace be with you - amen.

    You sure you don't play with only 1 village here because hydra afraid to lose her hammer village again? :/

    and when web did proper op on someone? They just walling every time attacks takes more then 30min