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    because you attacked pictavium as web asked you? How that was playing for THC?

    damn never knew that was a thing... amazing it was real attack this time and deffended it with everything we had after we seen that hero

    mistake??? Web NEVER does any kind of mistake!!! That was new tactical approach you would never understand

    i never wrote statment like that about this server as always you read things as you want them to be

    joaozorg why you always say same things? Last year when winter did nothing against us on finals you used same reasoning that you missed so key players. Same can be said about every team on travian that's reality of the game most people don't play anymore so stop looking at the past and just talk about things happening now.

    bac talking about not the native language when you yourself at least from 'discord acting' sounded like living in foreign country, but your English isn't the flawless either lol.. So not sure if bragging about language in the first place leads to all of your arguments being correct. Dang it, that "language" argument just shows your desperateness, just like "omg you are a kid" or "omg you don't have friends", so whatever you say becomes autocorrect, when it doesn't.

    Sir you are very wrong as always I never lived in foreign country and never said my english is great

    i think kazah has problems with english because that's not his first language and did little mistake wanted to say he came to kiss asses and he done that very great with THC :/

    why you think we should care that your ex players don't want to play with you anymore?

    You even get walled on empty villages so will be hard to take those regions with this kind of advanced game play of yours :/

    you forget to mention he chiefed you village which was ready for merge another hammer in there :/

    I don't say they work together but having only one wnemy really helps as neither web or thc won't be able to survive fighting eachother and bedlam simple as that :)

    you had confed with NOLA for sometime don't remember that? You have nap with THC and their 3 almost full alliances so where is true zerg? 6 alliances or 3? :/

    I played with in same alliance and now played with bedlam and can confirm any of them is way better in the game then you my friend :)