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    As this server draws to its inevitable close and we wonder what we are going to do with left over buckets, bandages, troops etc ... and weigh the cost of our entertainment with ephemeral and imaginary troops on our bank statements, (for those who spent far too much on gold)... it is worth sitting back and viewing the true winner in this game

    Do you think there should be a gold free server offered?.. this has been a theme since I first started many, many years ago with the first version of the game

    Do you think pay-to-win has spoilt the game?

    let me know what you think please

    btw.. before you ask.. yes it is mental cruelty giving a dog with black spots on a white coat a blanket that has white spots on a black background

    ELE .. I have been wanting to ask all server, but didn't want to possibly offend you.. is that a baby gorilla holding a watermelon on your head? just asking :)

    I personally think that the increasing 'pay to play' attitude of the rich fat cat game founders who are very very rich at this stage.. check out their assets if you don't believe me.. has ruined this game.. you don't stand a chance without gold which is why I am out and playing against my computer for the much more realistic cost of 20+ euro for civilisations, etc ..

    the three stages of the game are so very different and increasingly commercialised to that extent

    skill, talent, guile are replaced with golding up.. pay me .. pay me

    even the backpack change encourages this

    yes I golded big time and several times after I told myself 'never again'.. smacked myself for the amount of lost alcohol that may actions would have provided

    Some great players.. friends and adversaries alike. this game costs too much to be worth its value as a game.. unless you are too rich.. in which case you should be spending your money on other things than alternate reality.. you can buy the real thing...

    so from that awful monetary December ritual that has nothing to do with faith anymore ... my words are all ready written for the end of the server

    YES.. I am playing to the end

    all together now

    To you
    So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night

    I hate to go and leave this pretty sight
    So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu

    Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu
    So long, farewell, au revoir, auf wiedersehen

    I'd like to stay and taste my first champagne

    So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

    I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye


    I'm glad to go, I cannot tell a lie

    I flit, I float, I fleetly flee, I fly

    The sun has gone to bed and so must I

    Good old Sound of Music.. the curse of so many Christmas holidays

    Aren`t we a part of tolerant community? Some one would be ok even with 4 dudes pretending to be a small female, who are you to judge them for that :D

    Great Team of guys

    Guys.. Bedlam, Web, THC. and all, and especially the other alliances that continue to this stage.. a big thank you


    actually.. back up there

    ESPECIALLY all who play on without artefacts.. thank you

    Because without opposition you don't have a game

    This will not rank in my top ten servers.. won't rank at all for that matter

    The main influencer now, from when I started playing years ago is the way we play with honour.. lose a hammer.. wipe an anvil.. wall... ghost.. whatever. take it with honour



    don't be disrespectful of your opponent

    Interesting point. As much as I don't agree with the tactics used by Web, at least they worked for a win. The "superior" strategy of hiding under a rock doesn't deserve a win.

    I would ask you to explain that bit about rocks if I didn't know that it would likely be negative than positive.

    Personally I think all alliances on this server deserve some credit... without opposition there is no game !

    I started playing back in 2004 when the game was brand new.. it was very different then!

    I keep on doing cycles of playing and then avoiding it like the plague



    Oh.. Plague was my alliance back then :)



    It takes over your life if you are playing at a highly competitive level (as you all know)

    signs to watch out for:

    setting your alarm in the middle of the night to send attacks/defence/sort out your storage

    spending more money on gold than on your wife/partner/dog/self


    spending more money on gold than on your dog/partner/self/wife

    irrational mood swings at work, with curses like 'Fecking bustard alliance, I'll cat the shite out o' ya'



    If this is you..



    real life is much more exciting


    (feck.. the dog has just begged me to cook him a slice of toast for the time I have been writing this and now is ignoring me and whining at the toaster)



    you don't get that in Trav



    THEY.. will never make a game like the one we would ideally like... Pay to Play has made their founders rich




    every addition they make as a game improvement has a buy in, (as you know)



    I used to play against players with I play against players who have more disposable income than me




    If Travain want their pound of flesh then my idea is:

    Set up a limited duration speed server where all players buy in at a certain price for their gold.. that is what you have from start to finish

    Strategy then is how to use it



    That would do me and many others I believe

    Happy New Year ( for those of us on the Gregorian Calendar) to one and all.. and happy days for everyone else

    When you play to the level that you get banned just because you are so good ... and you haven't broken any rules .. then you are a true Travain master

    and dear Mindfreak .. when you get to that level you will understand

    may your path to enlightenment be swift

    GJ now you have an excuse to get rid of all the bans, because of some random post. Fantastic! "I was banned for no reason, Travian banned me for nothing!" we will see this more and more often, thanks to teams like yours who are literally abusing everything they can just to achieve miserable win in some kind of 'web game'.. meh

    Wishing you a happy Christmas.. and the opportunity to develop some goodwill :) ;)

    I was drinking coffee this morning and laughed while looking at Buli's image concerning Emerita Augusta and Jerusalem. Until the coffee kicks in and Hispalis appears on the image... ;(

    yes.. I hate bad spelling too... he could have used a spell check for 'his phallus'


    7s15 international


    If a man A saw a white hat on man B then he had to have a black hat on or man A would see two whites and know the answer etc

    If he saw two black hats he wouldn't be sure what to call and would pause

    The length of the pause means that no one was sure.. i.e. no one could see a single white hat

    Therefore they all had to be wearing black hats..

    The time delay is crucial