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    100 + crop * crop = 1700

    crop^2 = 1600

    crop = 40


    crop * iron * iron = 360

    40* iron^2 = 360

    iron^2 = 9

    iron = 3


    crop * iron * clay = 480



    The answer is:

    crop - clay + iron = 40-4+3=39.


    Red bottle.

    Logic :
    First, I'm gonna assume that the statement on the red bottle is TRUE (which means - written by Nil).
    because if it's false, then this statement has no change on the situation, it would be like writing "The cure is here" on all three bottles, in which case you'll have a 33.3% chance of finding the right bottle.

    now that we cleared it up, if red bottle statement IS in fact TRUE, that means that the yellow and the blue bottles were made by Menes (as the statement on the red bottle says), and both "The cure is here" statements are false, and the only bottle left with the real cure is -> The red one!

    makes any sense?