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    For forum mods to say, please report it to MH and to get this as answer. Sometimes I wonder why they spend time redirecting instead of asking TG to do something

    We literally cannot see in game. The only way we get an inkling of anything happening is when it is posted. Even then, we don't have the ability to change anything in game.

    We could write to the CSR but we would be doing it in the same fashion as the average forum poster but without the actual information which I feel is even more detrimental overall.

    We redirect because we don't have the information, can't access the information and do not have the ability to do anything further.

    Generic information gets passed up the chain via the Community Managers in their report.

    Hi Mullion,

    That issue was bought to our notice this morning. It was meant to be included in the lastest change log but was missed for some reason.

    The hero xp mechanic has changed away from even experience for all heroes in a battle.

    The change makes it so heroes only get as much experience points as the player gets defense points. I.e. It now depends on how many troops (crop supply value) the player brought to the battle.

    This is as much as I know at this time.

    I hope this helps.

    Also of note is that if you have cages equipped to the hero, the cages will activate before an oasis battle cancelling it and preventing the hero from taking it.

    Mods: Are what we discussing just something among us? so that we talk about the implications rather than complain? or do what we say is going to make it to TG's ears so that we explain what stuffs are wrong and what has to be addressed etc from a very experienced player perspective?

    Our only recourse is the exact same as yours. I.e. passing it along to the CM for inclusion in their weekly report.


    Public Service Announcement

    Whilst I understand that in game tensions may be high, the forum rules have not changed.

    I have gone through this thread and removed a large amount of swearing and inappropriate language unsuitable for the forum.

    Any future posts containing swears will be issued an infraction.

    Kindly, please refrain from swearing in your posts.

    Anyone know if it will activate at 11.00 gmt +1 on all domains? Or will we get more info whenever the other CMs post about the sale?
    @Templar Knight

    Where did you get the impression for all domains?

    Gold sales for each domain are posted on their respective domains. I.e. Gold sale announcement posted on COM = Gold sale for COM.

    If there are sales on other domains, the respective CM would post as such.


    I've deleted several posts as they were snowballing worse and worse.

    Please be mindful of the interpretation others may have of your posts.

    Re: Rule 1.1, I believe there was something not long ago from HQ admitting it was ambiguous and they were investigating ways forward. From memory, this was also a topic of discussion for those who were invited to Munich.

    To date, I've not seen anything further.

    A large number of posts have been cleaned up.
    Now serves a prominent time to issue a reminder as to the use of a forum friendly (PG) vocabulary.
    Any future posts with swears will receive infraction.

    If you are uncertain if a word can be posted on the forum, please don't hesitate to ask the forum staff who will be able to point you in the right direction.