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    i dont know whats more impressive the fact that CC the meta still doesnt have a boots ancient power or the fact that the number 1 raiders flogged number 2 by 14 million last week without that power...

    cmon CC get your priorities straight damn make this server at least somewhat interesting for us *yawns* no boots going into week 4 of a fire and sand lmao

    So you expect smaller alliance like NEST to beat you?
    Last time I check NE was the biggest alliance in NE quadran. Erm this is something new to me. Smaller alliance must beat larger alliance not otherwise :p .

    You had inferiority complex arr. :rolleyes:

    I am not even in NE, but i know that a coordinated alliance of 106 players who have majority of them obviously played together before losing to NE who have 131 players is a bit embarrassing to say the least, considering NE wouldn't be capable of coordinating a dinner party for 2 people let alone structured attacks.