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    CATEGORY: Inspiration of 2019

    PLAYER: Durisbane (forum name Gilded_Goat )

    WHY: Has a great youtube channel with very informative information that helps players become better at the game. Is a very genuine person and always has time to talk and answer questions on discord no matter how noobish we may sound, he personally inspired me to come back to the game and improve myself on it.

    oh look who's piping in now Raging "Tech Account" Bull.

    CATEGORY: The Legend of 2018

    PLAYER: Try To Stop Us (forum name Gilded_Goat)

    WHY: On the fire and sand 3x server on the international domain they achieved what most can only dream of. They were rank 1 attacker on the server by over double, and they were the best raiders i have ever seen on any server! And they were playing gaul tribe - no OP huns or teutons. And they revived the Ghost Hammer!!!

    EVIDENCE: He has his entire server recorded on youtube available for all to watch - they are really good travian videos. Link below.
    FURTHER EVIDENCE: Attached images

    you can really taste chadev's salt from here

    well played pandemic shame our core leaders abandoned us or it could have been a more competitive server

    well played try to stop us insane work brother everyone was playing for second spot the whole server and yeah when we scouted platypus capital and saw all those troops we thought it had to be from 4-5 accounts you really had the perfect combo best off player and best deff player as a team about the only win we can take from you guys is when varela suicided 25k of platypus RC's to martini by forwarding them in front of that hammer alone (what was varela thinking?)

    hope to see some familiar faces on the next one


    I am american time zone, looking for anyone who requires a dual.

    Prefer it to be a top 10 raiding account at this stage of server.

    I have played for around 7 years now, each time finishing either inside or just outside of top10 attacks, i love raiding, i love doing farmlists. I am unemployed and i would like to dedicate 15 hours a day to playing travian on a top account.