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    Looking to get back in the game after a hiatus. Last acc I played on was with LK on Templars. Anyone need a dual :)

    I gold, American time zone, can play during work, online 8+ hrs a day.

    - webbie.

    Suggestions -

    - Responsive UI design ( As a quick and easy mobile solution. No reason why the UI can't cascade into a list-like UI, e.g., dorf1 would be split into sections to scroll up or down through resource/warehouse bar, hero image, village list, fields overview )

    - Hero icon next to village list to QUICKLY see where hero is

    - Keep top bar icons same if you want, and even overall color palette, but change the icon colors to make them pop

    - Separate village overview and centre overview again.

    - Complete overhaul centre building icons :D (sorry)

    - add a 'send all' button for every farm list. I remember FL had no size limits when the were first introduced, so I forget the argument behind the 100 cap but I don't see why there can't be a 'send all' button that replicates the same thing as a person clicking 'send' consecutively on each farm list. Just queue the action and add a timer of some sort between FL's sending if there's a back-end load worry. The wait action can even be client side. I'm sure no one will care if it means 3-10 less clicks :)

    Sheesh, this UI design looks like it came from a game in the early 2000's. With the outdated design plus bland colors, the game really seems like it's taken a step back actually in graphics compared to live servers design. Why dorf1 and dorf2 got combined to one icon is baffling to me as well. Whenever in a specific building page (or basically not dorf1 or dorf2), then it adds an unnecessary, second click to get where you want 50% of the time. Good UI design should focus on less clicking... This becomes a bigger issue when on mobile or less than stellar internet speed and you have to load the page twice to get where you want. Building design is was also a weird choice as well. They all seem to look the same.... I would much prefer the bright and almost 'cartoonish' colors since there's so many different things we have to distinguish between as far as buildings go. Hero image is also low res from dorf1 and dorf2 so it's hard on the eyes when on a decent monitor.

    I know I'm pretty much bashing everything.... and I really hate that since it seems we're FINALLY getting some new development in that isn't P2W driven, however, almost every single design choice just strikes me as odd...

    I would ( and so would everyone I've talked to ) much prefer the development resources spent on a mobile client. This game has been going on strong for 15+ years now. Again... I'm just completely baffled with the no-go decision on a mobile client.. lol

    about me :

    - 10 yrs + experience

    - top raider

    - heavy gold user

    - skype, discord. If you've played com servers, we're probably already contacts :)

    about you :

    - hopefully you gold

    - you like raiding and NOT losing troops

    - can play at least 8 hrs a day :)

    skype me j.webbie15

    steps to become pro travian player guide:

    1. Get beat by alliance member to cropper
    2. Don't communicate and go AFK when near CP ready time
    3. Make threats and whine after realizing cropper you wanted is not free. Say you 'deserved' the cropper.
    4. Offer a push and compensate another 'good' cropper.
    5. Get alliance and multi's push for catas
    6. get GIVEN cropper you fairly lost out on.
    7. Give the guys that beat you a 100% cropper and then one of your multi's who's in extended BP for a 'push'.
    8. Talk crap in forums like you're good.

    mkayyyyy, back to league of legends I go.

    Idk. Maybe because tons of players could not access the game or perform functions? Server was messed up for 12+ hrs. I for example, couldn’t even log in to see dorf1.php no matter how many times I refreshed or cleared cache

    Hi all.

    The issue has been solved as soon as we get notification about that (from what I know, server started about 40 min late). On behalf of Travian Games I want to apologize for that inconvenience. Will make sure to discuss that with the involved departments.

    Regards, Ameno

    63 min late on the dot. Sorry, your game has made us obsessed with timings.. How ironic.

    Doing so will:
    - Eliminate the need to condone the use of bots (dummy accounts)
    - Set up a fair environment for all tool-developers

    Why would it change anyone's view on bots? bots have always, and will always be toxic to the game. And if we look at the bots that are specifically made for this usage, well, they arent the problem... bots that distribute troops and silver for IRL money are.

    Why would we need to setup a fair environment for dev's playing the game? Or are you not playing rounds yet wanting to gather info on servers you have no impact in. In that case, why do you or your program matter. And if you are playing in the rounds you want to gather data in... what about the 95% of the player base that aren't developers. Why should you get an advantage, despite how small and irrelevant.

    Lastly, a public API for the data you are requesting is completely useless. There are already 3rd party tools that parse data from game rounds to collect the info you're wanting, not to mention the in-game features available. Some of which don't use bots thanks to player contributions. If you really want to gather analytical data, put in the extra time into your code to gather that data yourself because I guarantee Travian developer's won't to do so for you.

    As a developer myself, this post highly tilts me.

    Hey, anyone need a dual? Utc-5, heavy gold spender (want to be first or one of to v2). Top raider currently com80 solo. Work as a software engineer so I’m on a computer all day anyway. Planning to take first two days off server start (4/30) to oases…

    Message me here or on skype J.webbie15

    Hey, anyone need a dual?
    Utc-5, heavy gold spender (want to be first or one of to v2). Top raider currently com80 solo. Work as a software engineer so I’m on a computer all day anyway. Planning to take first two days off server start (4/30) to oases raid.

    Would prefer Tuets or Romans.
    J.webbie15 for Skype.