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    Not tryna bait you lad, you just explained how the nordics did not sim, how everyone else tried to sim but only gunners simmed without anything to back these statements up.

    Explain them or stop acting like a fool

    Interesting, seems there is no way DND will be able to come up with WWR with only 150+ days left in server. And Gunners is able to rebuild all their lvl 19's in no time. GG everyone, seems Gunners still set to coast on to an easy victory

    Just quoting gow here lad, those lvl 18’s are already build back up.

    Was a nice op, could’ve been better since its a joint op from 2 quads but it is what it is.

    Remember when gow hyped up asky so badly early last com2?

    What a huge disappointment it turned out to be, this is the same lad who couldnt count up to 7 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Gunners are at war with DND as you can clearly see.

    We cata'd all the village who were at our side of the NE quad and they got rid of all the villages we had at their side.

    New news for you, Gunners or Duat players are not better than Gow, so you should ask yourself, how is it possible that all your players settled first, you should look in your own mirror before blaming others.

    Gow buying resource just show they more busy in real life than Gunners and Duat.(dont have time to run techs)

    Nice trying to good talk buying resources. This is what toomuch propoganda from GoW does to you, heard from many people that you are actually a nice guy and would never agree with someone cheating but im starting to doubt them.

    How is half the gow leadership getting banned for buying resources old news and should be left behind?

    Facts are that GoW could not handle the smoke Duat was giving them and Gunners breathing in their neck by taking over the whole border. All their best players bouncing on both allies so they had to start BUYING resources.

    We take a lot of players but once they are in we dont kick them out for being unworthy of the team, after asking them to give their time and money. Rather we train them and grow as a team.

    Thats a bald statement, what makes you think we kick people because they are ''unworthy of the team'' ?

    Because we kicked Maria ? Because we kicked someone who bought resources ?

    To be clear, as much as i enjoy Batman's comments he does not speak for Gunners leadership

    Gunners prefer a player that is already highly skilled means less training required, also leaders have more time to work on our in game plans.

    This ain't true at all, skill does not matter at all. We would recruit some of the 'worst' people skillwise aslong as we can just enjoy having a chat with him.

    Like i said earlier, we are trying to make sure everyone enjoys the game over here.