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    The overall topic in this thread is rumors. Wikipedia gives this definition: a rumor involves some kind of a statement whose veracity is not quickly or ever confirmed - and Bat Man's reaction to Scale's accusations shows (once again) that rumors are doing fine and disseminate fast without neither real proof nor even just a small piece of evidence.

    But if many believe in such rumors, elaborate and pass them on they are an excellent way to destoy the reputation of a player.

    Maybe TG should consider it's policy abt gold promotions.

    - making af Flash might make sense at a national server, but at .com it'll always be unjuste due to the different timezones. As a player having contributed pretty stable to TG's earning for several years I feel somehow entitled to get a fair chance to make use of an offer for cheaper gold when it occurs

    - make sure mails only goes to players affected of the content. I recieved the mail abt the weekend promotion and I'm playing ts2 only (at the .com domain - besides of that itx which wasn't affected by the promotion either)

    We can have long discussions abt the way this game has become more and more dependent of the use of gold (=players' payments), bus as it is TG should at least treat players alike when it comes to the buy of gold.


    More than stupid :(

    It's simply not fair to treat players this way - first I receive an email about a gold rush weekend, which did not happen anyways - then TG comes up with a short "flash promo" not even pre-advised.

    I was also one of those who logged in just too late - and just now I'm pretty angry.