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    Money in their pockets.. more servers.. more auctions etc.. more actual cash being spent it is their cashcow and they are milking it

    I disagree. They would make more money from 1 large server than from 10 small ones:

    Actually 10 servers with 1000 players in each won't generate more cash flow than 1 server with 10,000 players. Due fact that competition boosts item prices at auctions, where players are forced to buy more gold -> exchange it to the silver.

    Look at TT or some large servers. Gladiator helmet is going round for 100k silver+, if I recall one TT server sold first Glad Helmet for 760k gold. I don't think that someone from server with 200 people would spend even 10k silver.. There is no need for that - as there is no competition

    Its about quality, not quantity :)

    My feedback regards Codex Beta.

    I'm playing travian since 2007.. Classic, Fire & Sand, Pandora, Kingdoms, TT and etc. Tested multiple Beta servers as well. When I've heard of special server coming up due 15th Anniversary, I've got so excited. Although - huge excitement comes with huge disappointment

    Where to begin... Bugs... I know it's beta.. but seriously.. can you seriously call it Beta?
    *Second and third village do not give expected production / nor population despite resource fields lvl 5

    That's the basic bug - which could of been identified within 12 minutes.. I'm just wondering if you've even bothered to test it at all - or just dumped it to the players like a dry bone for the dogs?

    I hope you do realize that your game is based on a strategy and calculations. So how the hell we can test and prepare for the real servers in September, when:

    *recourse income is negative

    *troops are not coming back from adventures

    *tasks are missing or not giving rewards..

    You'll say: Hold on, its BETA. I know its beta..

    So instead of doing this pointless rollback of 1 week, which actually won't make any difference (as game was ruined from day 1) - MAKE A FULL restart...

    Also, are you paying any attention to the feedback from community? Don't you see the anger and disappointment from the most of the players aka YOUR CUSTOMERS?

    If you haven't noticed - every year servers are having less and less players. If you'll continue messing up with players like you did with this BETA.. your "free to play game" won't survive..

    By the way - its out of the topic related to the codex, or maybe not.. What's the point of having so many servers? I think most of the players would rather have fewer servers with more players than 10 servers with 500 accounts in each or less..

    Looking at the calendar - there are 25 upcoming Codex servers.. do we really need so many? For example: Japan.. last 5 servers in Japan had up to 400 accounts.. some only 200 accounts.. of which half inactive i guess? So what's the point?
    Reduce amount of servers and invest more time to our feedbacks.. improve the game... keep it alive..


    -Quick start - what's wrong with that? Do you prefer to have one village and wait whole week for resources? after 1 week with protection being removed - you'll have way more fun than during classic server.

    -Limitation is perfect, otherwise if you'll register one hour after server start u wont get any crops.

    -Limitation of using the map, are you trying to compare with WW type servers? its same like trying to compare basketball vs football.

    -The adventures give rubbish? How many adventures you've completed? If only 10 - then obviously u wont get any weapons

    In my opinion - vote for the Codex speed was before release of Beta version. People got familiar with the changes and gameplay. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to run a vote again, when people know more about version?

    If people opinion didnt change - there is nothing to lose , right?

    Level 7 only. There are two tasks visible so residence 10 will pop up alongside with level 8 fields.

    That's better - as lvl 8 fields is a huge impact to early settlement.. almost a killer..

    To clarify -> building level 7 All fields will unlock:

    LVL 5 Main Building

    Then Residence 1

    Then view culture points

    and finally residence lvl 10

    Although - I've thought that resource fields and inside town quests are not related to each other (are independent).. Is it something new from codex or im mixing something up?


    Great Job! Thank you

    One more clarification : in order to receive 500 CP for building residence level 10 (to unlock this task)

    I would need to build all the fields lvl 7, level 8 first?

    I will forward your feedback to Game Design and come back with an answer as soon as he sees my message.
    In general the tasks are not mixed up in the list they are ordered by category as they are in the game.

    Thank you, also:

    As per below - WH 3 in New village reward is same as GR 3 in Economy? shouldn't they be swapped? or its a typo mistake and they should match?

    Same as one reward have 720 clay / second 730.. it looks like they should be identical - although might be a typo as well

    New Village

    Warehouse lvl 3

    880 1020 590 320

    New Village

    Granary lvl 3

    620 720 560 230


    Warehouse lvl 3

    620 730 560 230


    Granary lvl 3

    880 1020 590 320

    So, Task list was recently updated - although im still missing multiple tasks & rewards, such as :

    Academy lvl 1

    Smithy lvl 1

    Research unit

    Improve Unit

    Barracks lvl 3

    Also, since all the tasks are mixed up, can you please take your time and make this list complete with notes when certain tasks are unlocked - especially rezidence

    BTW, would you mind to create a voting poll for community to decide Codex Server Speed? From my understanding - quite a lot of players are hoping to see x2 server instead of x1. Or at least confirm speed for upcoming COdex Servers?