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    Are you the pig or the animal beind the picture?

    I am the one sitting at the table eating the pig. If you ever come to Italy have some Parma ham, it'll cheer you up. If you can find a restaurant open, you know these coward italians lock themselves indoors when they know you're around. *wink

    You know that isn't me right?

    OMG your not showing yourself?! does that make you a coward then? What do you think of such behaviour?

    Any hot girls in your meta? If yes we can arrange a meeting otherwise I'll have to stick with Pitupi

    Didn't see you, certified coward.

    Ahahah, what made you so upset in qualifiers that you travelled all the way to Italy? Tell daddy what happened I won't judge you, I promise I'll try not to

    Also very ugly kids.

    You're the one that has his photo as avatar. And let me tell you it's as ugly as a call to war.

    We have ugly people in Italy as well, like Pitupi, but we hide them in McDonald's or burger king, we don't leave free to wonder around and tilt in forum.

    E' la vita..

    C'est la vie! osd.png

    Thank you for translating the title in italian, at least that way even sandu can understand the meaning of it.:osd:

    You make me feel less lonely now:wall:

    Well played.

    Guess that is your English bro <3


    you want to say that it were as moda on penguins on display picture at forum? :DI mean about cousins. Uollas did this :|

    What is that? I want to know this story granpa Dodger! :popcorn:

    are you ok? ::|

    Do you need google translate sandu? it's plain English dude, a man of your culture shouldn't be struggling so much.:osd:

    "ma il cielo è sempre più blu" (the title of an italian music)

    good morning Maxxus! laAyDD1aS9OSqspupVnmWfo88cQ=.gif

    Good morning to you guys, well played!

    We always knew it was a very tough position that one. The wall was inadequate for that enemy. Our fault, 1-0 "ball in the centre".:osd:

    You discovered our secret plans Otelma.

    Are you using Cerberus to read our minds?:osd:

    It makes me very sad to know you would've never wanted to wage war on "Pattanza" but you were forced to do so.

    We can always PNB each other for the greater good. Don't you support juventus when they play in champions league? At the end of the day we are all Italians. :osd:

    I'm sure my italian friends will forgive me for going OT from the UollAnza flame.

    Uollas have brought war on our meta (the less gay Italians) through a few aggressive settlings.

    I would like to thank you guys ( Nunnareskereeee  Ciccio_Shady_IT  Alge ) for giving us the opportunity to have some fun with some old school travian neighborhood war. May the best Italians win! Good luck to all.

    Italians always do it better!:osd: