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    Thanks for a great server everyone! Even if it turned out a little dull at the end.

    I will share statistics after the last minute has gone since attacks are still on the way.

    IDTS! ended up winning this server because of their merge with Cheers! just like AV(me) tried to win with merging with UtdKebab. However one merger turned out better than the other one. However the biggest reason IDTS! won this server was Salad@s. In the merge the members who were bad from UtdKebab got attacked and that lost us two 100vp regions. This meant our calculations got screwed up. This was what made us lose. Since we clearly had a lot of defense, our plan was just to hold out till no one could catch up. However when you do not have a pre-made alliance some players never ask for deff. This also made us lose the regions even more. In the meanwhile when we fought Salad@s, IDTS! did what we wanted to do.... nothing but gaining vp.

    This lead to players in our leadership.. to be more on point UtdKebabs leadership to quit. Some because of the game and some because of real life problems or work. We kept going a little longer but the offense operations was not happening as often as we needed it to. I asked for chiefing operations but they never came. This was around the time IDTS! passed us in VP. This was also around the time our only off coordinator and Co-Leader quit. Now every leader from UtdKebab had quit. Making this merge not as beneficial. However I do not think AV would of survived as a whole if we did not merge. So lose for lose. Now it was only me left as a leader with some "helpers" and one leader in the AV-Wings. I want to shout these guys out since they stayed with me till the end. We got ID95 doing everything in his power to keep the AV-Wings alive. He had 3 and later 2 wings to lead by himself. Then we got ALL MIGHT who was a big part of our alliance in leading and helping.

    This was when we where kind of doomed. We had the troops and we did some bombing but really no planning. Everyone who stayed in AV till the last day are legends. Same goes with the AV-Wings. Stratego also did some work on their end big thanks to them. Thank you for trying your hardest and staying!

    This server for me was the first server as a serious leader. I had done some leading back when I was a kid but you know... a 12 year old guiding 30-50 year olds does not work :D Starting out with VC = Veteran Club that ended up being AV (same as VC just 2 more wings) I think our start was perfect we where a strong team and had a big VP lead. We also had different leaders back in the start who ended up quiting sadly. However times change and when end-game came it is not good to be in the north side when all good regions is on the other side. As many people said before the map need to be balanced better. Even if we did end up in second place I am very proud of my team and my work. I also made a lot of new friends in this game and that always feels good! AV will be back stronger next time!

    If you got any questions please ask me!

    Ask any of the Salad/AV members in Emerita/Saguntum or your defense coordinator. Thinking small secret and a stonemason would help their village from getting destroyed? I guess it did not help. Spitting our names is just gonna shame yourself more than you already did.

    How am I shaming myself? Players can be unsatisfied or go where the wind blows. You are talking very ballsy but can't name players writing igm :/

    Cant get any more offensive numbers when Salads and AV are not defending my hits... Multiple villages destroyed... Cap fields destroyed... I am still waiting for someone to defend so I could get some offensive points... Heard salads has their defend coordinator sitting alone at the other side of the map... What a poor thing... Also love getting IGMs from AV members looking to join us :D

    It will come with time. We will get our points! :D As I said to Wonka.... What players? I still got no names so I only see lies.

    Why was the confed with Kebab toxic?

    Now lets be realistic here for a moment. IDTS! had EVERY intention on going single embassy through the game, and we've done a HELLUVA job staying competitive. We knocked out what everyone kept considering as "the only team who stood a chance against AV" with very small effort. IDTS fell to far below 60 players (active) and was still putting up a helluva fight with roughly 35 active players. The final nail in the coffin was the Kebab merger. Had AV/Kebab not merged for a powerhouse meta in terms of VP IDTS never woulda merged with DSC. It would still be a 3-way race AV Meta vs. IDTS! vs. Kebab/DSC. nd even then you're still only talking about 90 accounts of which 70 or so are active.

    This was a definite force of hand, that bit AV right in the arse. Sadly it doesn't even end there with AV all over STRATEGO's junk asking them for a secret confed. Saying IDTS is a 3 alliance sum is also laughable, cheers = 1 acct, the dsc-IDTS wing = 1/2 alliance. Last account check I did was like 90 accts vs 212. But yes point at us and talk about no respect because we merged once we were left no choice but to do -something-.. You can only corner a dog so much until it bites, and this one finally bit. The only people who really reserve the right to be pissed about our merge is the Keknob crew, I'd be pissed at myself too if I made a poor choice like selling out my team to merge with AV.

    Funny thing is we're being talked about as the alliance that will do anything for a win... when comparing us to the Meta who did such... while I am sitting here reading literally 15+ igm's of AV members asking to switch sides...

    Stratego if that was the team you said "stood a chance" Never stood a chance. We knew from way before that you guys where one of the alliances who would go into end game. Not to mention you stood up a "helluva fight" when you literally got whole of spain and portugal for free! Just like we got some of the regions in UK for free. Then you are talking about we got 212 accounts when you know that everyone of those is not active or even stand a chance. Just like some of your players. Kebab merged because they felt stabbed by DSC. They left Kebab before we merged. It was never a talk about selling out. Of course I understand that you merged. It would been dumb if you did not. I am saying you are talking waaaaaaaaaay to much shit. I think everyone is doing anything for a win. That is why I reached out to check with Stratego. It was an offer to see what side of the coin they were on.

    I would also like to know what players you are talking about that is AV-members. Because 15+ is such a lie and you know it yourself.

    It's not directed to AV. Mostly smaller join the large then act tough. Why not show some pride in things you didn't achieve yourself is often the case...

    That being said, PtP is quite the boring game-mode imo.

    I like PtP. It feels like everyone can be a part of the "winning" even more. One player can decide a whole region. That is what I like. However with a smaller map than this one it would be less boring in forms of traveling. There can be some great changes and this gamemode would be really good. Right now it is very gold hungry and Travian is milking us on money even more than on a WW server.

    I fully agree with what you are saying as an AV leader myself. But I do also agree that it is more respected if you win with only 60 members. But then it would need to be nearly a fully premade team in order to have that sucess.

    The problem is when those who merge multiple times become smartasses and act tough. Knowing they need to double the amount of players to compete with a smaller more organized group.

    And btw, try that strategy on legends, I am sure you'll be a very loved person. :D

    I do not know if you are hinting at any alliance however I fully agree. If anyone here see's AV as smartasses and acting tough that is wrong. We only played our game the whole server trying to do things in order to win. I am proud of everything we have done and will do. I will make a comment in the end of everything we have gone through and how we done it and I would love to see every leader still here/not here do the same.

    If someone in the server is acting tough and see themselves as soooo good because they're a smaller team it is IDTS!. I do agree they played it well but would never have won without the merge. Even before the merge they talked about smashing us and how good they're for not merging. However they did the same... As VASSAGO said "although for my taste IDTS spoiled all their work morally speaking by stopping fighting as a single embassy team and becoming a macroblock composed of several alliances" I would not care if they merged without the shit talk because then they would of been more humble but hey people do not think like me.

    Even though I do not agree about everything you said VASSAGO.. Saladas is my favorite team besides my own on the server. You done it really good even though you might be the easiest to conquer regions from in the beginning.

    What sort of analysis can you do when this beta includes almost no serious teams? Since not everyone got the keys it's most likely people who got into the beta are majority of these alliances... I would understand if everyone could register, then it would be a serious round.. Now let's be honest, that's just testing.

    I would say that even though it is a testing people play to win. Why would anyone test for fun?

    What team are you playing on? "AV has a similar issue Some of their members they cant swap around because they will lose another region to gain the other" I do not see this?

    FLA and SC are not even playing. On the delete button soon

    This has probably already been mentioned but....

    I think it is really bad that you can only have one artifact active at the time on the whole account without paying gold. Should be that you only pay 5 or 10 gold if you want two artifacts in one village. This is so obvious you only want to earn money and do not give a damn about the gameplay. or you should get a free large and small activation and pay for the third. Everyone uses at least a small and a big one.