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    You read to much in to such posts Avis, a members opinion should not be necessarily taken as one that speaks for the entire alliance either, especially as I’ve mentioned before, much of what is written is done so in jest, so why so serious ?

    I’ve never claimed to be an esteemed leader In the same class as yourself or msb, shouldn’t you be more worried about players sending d pictures and such?

    You are not a member of Gunners.

    I rather have a member send d pictures than a batman posting in forum anyday.

    I didn't say you were a leader either and didnt say you claimed to be, rather be led by Edwin than you.

    Rest that you wrote is just denying things you said.

    I guess you are a lost cause, just needed to make an official stance regarding all your posts to make sure people don't believe all the nonsense you say since Gunners Leaders don't usually show up in forum. I just hoped maybe with this you would "join" another alliance, sadly doesn't seem to be the case, trolls will be trolls, have fun being annoying and spouting nonsense (haven't seen a single person defend you so maybe your fun and giggle is just for yourself).

    At some point you gotta realize you need to stop and think for once in your life, you are making Gunners look like such a big joke in forum and it's honestly getting quite annoying from a leadership standpoint. There are no big defenses, only some skirmishes, Gunners use techs like everyone else and cause of "quad peace" have the option to splat scouts for exp. Do not compare the "big numbers" of NE to a quad war like 2.01 vs TEN, NE is a random alliance not a premade alliance, there is a very big diference between those two.

    Are you actually playing in Gunners? Cause i have a hard time to believe you are and would do this to your own alliance, when someone reads your comments and doesn't know us we look like the biggest hypocrites in the server but nothing that you say in any way represents Gunners. You did exactly the same thing last server, got all the attention on us pre-arties and than slowly went quiet, rather you just go quiet from beggining right now or calm down with all the nonsense comments.

    looking for PDs to def my 50% 9 cropper

    I can do it if you buy me gold, i can login 4 times a day, 6 days a week. Will have 14s at day 150 ready to spam def in 2 villages.

    PM me if you interested

    Pinoy you can join Gunners when you meet the requiremtns.

    - Must be active 24/7

    - Not a farm

    - Really experienced

    - Troops: Pop Ration must be a minimum of 2:1

    - whats your play style?

    Let us know broskii

    I fail at all this requirements, does it mean iam out of Gunners?


    So, is there an interest in having the start of this server delayed until something like late August/early September? and let com5 start earlier instead? In order to allow other teams to join in on the fun as well (namely GOATS - perhaps Villains).

    Perhaps the meta leaders could be so kind as to give feedback on it - if you even plan to re-join the next com2? Ajax.  Mist4 (don't know who to tag from Gunners).

    Yes, Gunners would also like for it to be delayed till August/September so if possible would be ideal. Anything else is a bit too early and some members wouldn't be ready to join in again.

    Then why 5 gunners playing liking your post in a different forum server?

    You were man comon. After it happened you left the chat... I felt like i could have been there for you too! :(

    Maybe cause they saw this thread before me? Did i not say i got dmed about it? And one of them is Mist, not even a gunner.

    Never left the server like you so not sure what you talking about.

    I don't send MMs asking for Likes :P

    We weren't about to win, plans weren't even out yet, like i said iam here for you in your time of need. Iam sure you will get better Edwin my friend!

    And your Gunners friends had spies reading our Gettertools-plans.

    Comon don't be crying here if you are even worse yourself :)

    WP to NEU

    Why do i get dmed about you mentioning gunners in some other server forum.

    At this point you must dream about us every night, "Gunners no, Gunners stop, leave my wwr alone!!"

    You got a friend in me Edwin, i will help you get over your nightmares :*

    Regarding Gunners coming back it's still too early to say, afterall server still not even close to finished so kinda worthless to be talking about this now.

    Gunners barely have any Vices players, anyone that plays the server knows that.

    Make sure to not devolve this forum into com1 drama.

    I just hope com2 doesn't change much cause as much banter and trashtalk happens a com2 without gow wouldn't be the same to me, only reason we started doing OPs was cause they did them on us.

    How could you forget Bob splatting on UT? If not for him all the def that was put there could have gone somewhere else,one of the most important sacrifices in this OP, amazing member. One can argue he didn't need to send the hammer but there was always the chance bluff could be called and almost no def put there :D, would have been a funny steal.

    Long live Bob the Martyr