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    It does feel nice to not play com1 for once and watch whatever new alliances appear since Vices as an alliance still on vacation. Hoping WR lasts whole server.

    The helping window is quite annoying for sitters since they can't open auctions to fix it but it goes away after owner does it so not an issue, it's just an annoyance on the first day the update drops unless owner is on vacation or something but that would just be unlucky.

    Treasury Chamber is the most underwhelming building, for a building that is supposed to hold an artifact it just looks small and simple, would actually be nice if lvl10 treasury and lvl20 treasury looked diferent cause instead of holding a small artifact you are holding a large/unique one but thats probably asking too much. Still treasury chamber building design should be completely reworked atm, old one looked better then this new one.

    Can do a small rundown of the situation.

    Alex718 from TEN became a meme by raiding randomly other alliances with praetorians and losing most of them.

    Losmurdereto with his 200iq or -200iq fakes


    Cip27 wanted to splat so GoW had him go alone into UB with Dante as pickup (Dante had SB so after he sent he demolished TC, moved artifact and built lvl20TC).



    Don't have full reports for this, if anyone else wants to add the full reports feel free to do so.

    agentOrange started ghosting TEN until he got caught, he did good damage though.

    After TEN took in Bigman Group from Revs along with UD the rest of Revs decided to join GoW, so all the good players from Revs have now been split between GoW and TEN along with their artifacts.

    TEN took ww followed by GoW, Clubswingers wanted to delete and move to com1 so they splatted on ww with their 2 hammers.

    Since i can't post more images i will continue another time into GoW 2 OPs against TEN :P

    This has been a great server, thanks everyone for the wonderfull experience, was a hard fought one but in the end we all united to achieve victory.

    Make friends not war!

    With love,


    Happy New Year guys, let's all be friends in this new year instead of fighting :)

    GoW and Gunners will kill each other and Rev or TEN will win the server, calling it now.

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