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    I don't know maybe "Travian: Coexistence", since all different tribes will be able to live together under one roof(account) now with the change of conquering function.

    We can make slaves consumption only 0.75 or 0.50 crop; since they are "slaves" they don't deserve more food and they should be able to survive with less anyway :P Then we can just reduce Waterworks bonus to 75% or 50% :P

    So, regarding those changes some questions:

    -Brewery: Will it affect your whole other tribe villages as well?

    -Roman 3(2) building specialty: Does it work for only Roman villages regardless of if you started as Roman; or is it account-wide and can be used in any tribe village if you picked Roman hero as starter to the server.

    -Visual updates for buildings to fit each specific tribe better.

    -Conquering a village of other tribe won't transform it to your tribe, instead you'll be able to keep it as other tribe and use it which only occurs if you had new certain "artefact" activated while conquering. (Which will also provide you construction plans of that certain tribe's special building to build in any village you want)

    -Trappers now give you ability to take prisoners while also attacking.

    -Natars are leaving gray zone area so there won't be gray zone but Natars will act like they're in gray zone everywhere?

    Considering prior feature of keeping same tribes: Players who deleted as Romans, Teutons etc will be conquered by Natars but they will keep and run the village as original tribe.

    Morelike wishful thinking but a more-engaging and expanding AI system might be nice :D

    @Capsarcom By the way I'm currently talking to Worldcup2018 in discord; and apparently you are an imitator as his board profile is @Decision13 ; I was suspicious from the beginning but didn't want to accuse without being sure. LOL, you must be really coward to not reveal yourself, pretending to be someone else and hiding behind it; thinking it wouldn't be noticed. XD

    Neither of them was desperation. It's utilising every tool you can get (as you keep mentioning making the best of everything) to complete objective. This hypocracy is getting boring. You question morality of the move and call it desperation, while you are using spies. I'd say relying on spies is more desperation from that view of point. If you really want to show how strategically good you are; you use your observation skills to monitor your enemies closely, you take notes and use your informations from all those observations. This is hard work, not loginning into a semi-active careless account and checking in the alliance page for when they go offline.

    And I'm not claiming that spies are not the part of the game; they are part of the game. Spiking is also part of the game which you hate and along with you lots of others. There are lots of dirty moves that is part of the game. Not necessarily they are being part of the game make them honorable. I'd not mind using spies; but I'd not act like it's the best & clean strategy either.

    About "UC" spies in BD; those were not implanted; those were just coincidentally there when we recruitted a BD player; and I'd not say spotting them would be mention-worthy since the guy was using them only for personal uses to defend himself. So it was as easy as to spot a spiker. Although spotting Exodus spy was a lot more collective effort and it might be a lesson to all about how to spot spies (Fake MMs etc). This is my 2nd server and my first encounter with spies; and yeah, I failed to find them as it seems there were 5 spies during the server (It's really nice to have a defector with spy fetish lol). And I don't think it's always easy to spot them as every spy might have a different motivation due to human nature. I applauded your finding at Exodus spy but that was also in an Alliance with 50+premades; so it also reduces lots of possibilities. Nevertheless noone (at least me) is blaming you, except a few angry players naturally. I don't know why you are being defensive about it lol.

    You are claiming you tried to push BD to work with us; but Pinoy Team would've never worked with us as they were hostile to us the whole round. After you defected and our half of the initial leadership left for UK server and some of our big players deleted/left; we needed to reorganise; we just turned this into a learning experience and embraced it. We didn't have a great goal; I personally wanted to regain control of what we lost; gain control of a slight boot region & mess with BD as they were messing with us. After a while we offered help to Exodus against Pandemic and we at least cost them 540 VP (Caledonia, Volubilis, Hibernia, Eburacum); and in reality, you just used BD to crush our hammers. I don't know why would they even consider confed with us when they have you as their "Big Daddy". :D

    For that report: I didn't know about that detail/info box. I always wondered when we get the information of defender sides instead of "? ? ? ? ?"; I assumed it might be 10% or 20% loss but never knew the actual ratio. Also I didn't know that there was an info box for stating that. So, this is actually good to know, thanks. :thumbsup:
    Although, even Platypus wouldn't have got that message against your hammer. :D

    LOL WOW i wouldnt exactly be proud of the defense in that report but that off is =O any bigger ones on server?

    so Platy and TTSU were 2 vs entire BD and UC meta and still came out on top? awk :|

    Are you real Worldcup2018? How are you doing? Could you write to me through discord; I hope everything is okay. :)

    Also they weren't against BD & UC lol. BD & UC were fighting each other.

    @Farzeer I don't think you know what salt/being salty means lol. It's just a friendly banter/discussion for me, but it's easy to assume for outsiders.

    haha, is that you laugh when you come here to not know what ...The server we won 30 days after finishing the server, you will know if you hang anything good they did in those 30 days where no one is hahah

    Don't you guys have any other comment except "HAHA WE WON 30 DAYS AGO ALREADY" lol, good for you XD. Jeez, you guys are like parrots.

    And yeah, it's me laughing. Hahahahahaha. I'd go further and claim that you wouldn't have a chance at winning if you hadn't recruited our defectors (TTSU, Platypus, Cirilla, Big Foot, Zaljan); even though you are a premade 50+man team, all your win condition was those 5 players hahah... So yeah, thanks for killing the competition.

    Yes, I forgot that you only send 100 cata per waves; well that's true that capital wouldn't have gone; but it's also true without those off & off-tank troops the defense wouldn't have been success. You got what you want, we got what we want. But I doubt you were sure about that, even though you are saying you provided us enough time to gather deff; I think you still believed your attack would've gone through...

    So it's all genius strategy and part of the game when you use deception and spies; accepting information from your enemy alliances to follow home some hammers to get that juicy extra "off points"; but when I reach out some BD players to ask help which I am already in-touch- whom have grudge against you (You destroyed varaggos' capital at the same day) ; it is called desperation. Good to know. :thumbup: There is a saying goes like "enemy of my enemy is my friend" for common enemies; which you used as a strategy the whole server; you shouldn't be surprised when it's used against you. :D

    I don't know what is the difference between that report and ours; give that to my inexperience. But your troops didn't return as well, even your scouts didn't return, hahah. How come it is not real? Am I seeing a reality denial? :p Probably there is an explanation but it's still funny to see how you try to devaluate it. :thumbsup:

    lol i suicided my hammer on worldcup, because the server was over. and it still is, The Clows and the Cheating Exodus lost. plain and simple.

    -- also he deleted right after that.... hehe

    He was already on deletion because of personal issues, that's why he went rampage and conquered & destroyed all Pandemic's villages in Volubilis, to make us keep that region after he's gone. Not a selfish player like some others...

    Even after winning still name-calling, lol, that's a really cheap-winner mentality. :rolleyes:

    Hahahahahaha. Those TT, Haeduan and Swords were already belong to that capital and it would've been meaningless to hide them if the attack had gone through with 29 followup 100 catapult waves. But it didn't. Hammer and all followups are walled by 90-95% loss. So you may call it desperation, I call it success. Also Khopesh and Headuan has still decent deff stats; It won't be optimal but one might even try to play a hybrid Egyptian with Khopesh/Chariot combination.

    Also you sounded pretty sure when your attack was on the way: ""


    Bottom line is "None of the attacker’s troops have returned."

    Can someone post statistics screens please?

    Any specific tab?

    What on earth is that inf/cav ratio?
    Anyway, nice to see some reports.

    I don't know, I guess his name explains it. :D

    Yeah, that's why you were panicking last 3-4 weeks, sure. lol. Also you just won because there were so many drama in the other 2 competing alliance. I'd not act too cocky about it...

    I'm just sharing reports because I read through threads and there isn't much shared of this round to remember and Templar Knight was asking for reports multiple times. So I shared some of them from us.

    Anyway congratz to your victory.


    Well "Wolf!"s post is gone so this one seems ridiculous now... It's a lesson for me to use "Quote" feature when replying people... I guess it's deleted because it was written in Spanish? Don't know, I used Google Translate and replied him. I'd not mind if this one also gets deleted...