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    I'm just busy enjoying the irony of being branded a spy for apparently getting EAs WWK to be ghosted. Assume that makes Mazzi a spy too. #TrustNoOne

    My condolences :( , Its unlikely TG will interfere though - You'll just have to go at it again.

    Seeing the minimal amounts of resistance you hit. I expect you will have more success!

    COM1 should be closed forever in my opinion

    I'd be happy if you never came back too.

    I played Dota for 10 years, but stopped playing due to the toxic players who would get "frustrated" and intentionally feed the other team to spite their own (Wait that sounds familiar).

    That culture is standard in Dota, let's not make it standard in Travian.

    Hey Supermeta. Can you please clean up the spiking organized by some of your members in SW? Or don’t. They probably are killing more from your other quadrants considering our embarrassing raiding scores.

    Yo Luke - looking forward to seeing another great hammer this round!

    There are some spikers that are being dealt with in the SW, not sure if they are the same ones you are referring to though.

    Name and shame them I say :)

    Maybe it's like a "friends with benefits, but not lovers" situation.

    As an individual player in TEN, in MY opinion, I'm not seeing a benefit - We just let SGR use UT but haven't yet given us anything in return (diet please!?) But I've been told that winning the server with 700 player meta is the #Benefit

    Why is it different to merge with LL vs merge with SGR? If you have a principle about it, you should not merge at all with anyone. Mind you that even 3-way merging does not even arties situation.

    Also, weren't you with GG in last years' com7 who merged with TEN, just to get a win? I am a bit confused.

    Point 1 LL =/= SGR: I didn't want to merge with anyone this server, but thats not my decision. Though from my perspective at least TEN + LL was taking 2 of the weaker Metas on the server and combining them to make a competitive one. SGR and LL are not even close to being the same, SGR has considerably more players and arties (well, not anymore) than LL did. Also LL have no WW Hammers.

    Point 2. Com7 was a 2 quad vs 2 quad fight in the end. WILD had confed with Syn/Sin before we joined with Ten, and their combined 4+ wings were attacking GG, which was basically a single wing non premade alliance - and we still splatted all WILDs hammers. GG didn't win that server, TEN did, I don't claim any victory there - they smashed our WW to pieces at the end.

    You guys keep crying merger and whining just because sgr and ten ll sent out a handful of attacks around the same time.

    Ya, I'm crying merger - and I'm in TEN!

    I understand the merge with LL, it evens the numbers/arties up a bit. But I'm not happy about jumping into bed with SGR - which is as good as official.

    EDIT: reasoning is: if we aren't good enough to beat Vices, then we come back next year and improve - we don't join with the rest of the server, as in my eyes thats not winning, it is only not letting Vices win, which is VERY different.

    Batman be like, "This was a strategic move by us, now we have a reason to join TEN and LL early and fight the Vices. :evil: "


    Almost certainly in a couple of months SGR will say that it was fair to merge with the rest of the server as VICES hold all the good uniques - Totally disregarding that they gave them away for basically free.

    Oh and "vIcEs UsE tEcHs"

    Yeh we have agreed to it. Just like we have agreed to not have any multies nor tech accounts and so on. Funny game isnt it?

    Sounds like the classic, we only cheat because the other side cheat too argument?

    Yawn, nice to see the New accounts registering so they can steal arties in BP again this round. At least some people are settling the villages themselves so we can enjoy some pre arty jostling for position

    Can we all agree its slimy? If TG aren't going to change registrations/put restrictions on attacking artefacts after recently leaving BP. Then the leaders of the COM1 metas should really just agree not to do it and have zero tolerance for the players that "go rogue"

    I am telling you a fact. There was very little top tier leadership from Villains this round. leadership fell to the most active middle level people - who then lacked authority to make major decisions. Regularly we had to wait for hours and hours for a DirtyExpress account holder to appear (who'd generally only appear to change sitters). This made moving another LA/LD onto the WW holder a long drawn out process, and the reason why we didn't just cycle though LA/LD/LA/LD every 12 hours whilst you sent trains for the last week.

    Ask James, hes been AWOL most of the server due to real life. Pascal has been fairly preoccupied with work/building that hammer.

    Ego's had very little to do with Villain's loss (unless you are referring to CT, that account was a mess of large egos).

    Once again people take there own opinion and mistake it for fact, with very little evidence to back it up.

    Jokes aside some heads will seseriously need to roll in villains. Had they stringed together even a few ops and taken out a couple of wwks the result we see now would have looked very different.They had the quality and were favourites just like the last two rounds, but in part defeated by there own leadership choices and over inflated ego as has been admited by villains already.

    There are no heads to roll - That is the issue. I came to the server having never played with Villains before, planning on just playing my account and simming a massive anvil. 8 months later and I'm helping with Planning WW hits, Managing the WW, Managing def, Sorting Trade routes to WW etc etc.

    You suggest we were defeated by our choices, that it not the case, we were defeated by 8 months of lack of choices and decisions.

    Lots of great players within Villains, but very few with the time to be able lead the meta properly, due to other real life commitments. Which meant for much of the server Villains coasted along, making the server boring and allowing SGR/TEN to play in whatever way they wanted.

    I'm not trying to detract from what is an excellent win by SGR/TEN, I'm just trying to explain why the whole Villains meta seemed to be "AFK" the whole time

    Great to see those hammers. Really impressive stuff, and crazy EI count from Investors/Templars, considering the raiding scores too!

    Thanks for the great show this morning, I apologise if I was hasty on saying a Christmas landing was intentional, I was frustrated at having to manage crop, fix broken NPC/WW supports on Christmas eve when I wanted to spend time with my family.

    Shame this server has been blighted with so much drama and mud slinging, hopefully in future there will be less (and less personal farms/multis *Cough* 21k Cats *Cough*)

    If you think I look foolish by saying that - we can later sit and discuss the reasoning behind dragging out the end-game like this. You can ask us here when the dust settles. And this is besides the fact that Christmas presents is a real thing in Travian World (and I have always received those too and probably the worst one from WILD) and this is the first time I'm hearing about sportsman ship for this one holiday...

    It's not like you breaking any rules when you attack someone in war when they're busy. Remember that trainers steal from kolpo? Didn't you notice the dead hero on kolpo (from spy obviously), then his village pop reducing during by removing treasury (saying i'm going to sleep) - and you sent a hero on boots to beat our hero to the trainers "while he was sleeping"? If this is not sportsmanship - that is not either. We did not once complain about it - but admired the timing and awareness. I myself had suggested to keep an eye on enemies population but we were all too lazy. You chose the time of action when it does not suit the enemies.

    You also know it was not the best decision to delay the train like this - it's back firing on us right now. But I cannot edit the plans and the reason for that, we can tell we're done with this train. It is up to you to believe it or not. But I believe your other Villain players will perfectly be convinced with the reason I provide.

    You cannot compare watching your enemies daily patterns and stealing their artefacts (Better sitter/dual coverage maybe?) to sending during a major holiday when large portions of the player base are spending time with their families.

    Pretty much every server I've played on has avoided major holidays, whether its official or unofficial. But if you have your reasons then fine, but next time you claim Villains are doing something bad, try and apply the same argument you are using now - and maybe their won't be so much animosity between these two metas.

    Happy Holidays, looking forward to seeing the last 230 days of hard work from your hammer builders in action!

    Maybe think about our WWKs that have to feed their armies during Christmas too. Everything is not just about you Mr. self-centered potato.

    They all have arties, trade routes can be set up from other dead hammers :) But yes, I'd expect they aren't having much fun and at least some of them would have rather sent a few days ago and been done with the server. Hence why I think dragging it out isn't really in anyone's best interests and isn't going to change the outcome of this server

    1- Are you absolutely sure that we knowingly delayed our hits till Christmas Day? Would that be possible that our plan for the final train was planned months back with a detailed plan and Christmas happened to come in our way? Would your WW's level have anything to do with our fakes landing now?

    I am sorry that you are feeling that this is a strategic "tactic" that we are using. However, I am declaring here that WW attacks were not planned to before, during or after Christmas. Christmas time was never even mentioned during the plans - I never even thought about it before you mentioned. Period. I am happy to explain what was the thinking procedure after everything settles.

    2- Even if it was not the case (which it WAS), there is a reason why there is no Christmas truce in international servers. What about truce in Ramadan while you are at it? Chinese New Year? Diwali in India? You cannot expect everything to be tailored according to your own religious beliefs or holidays. I wish our main train and ops wouldn't coincide with it (I really do), but as you know, server will end soon. I think it should only to be expected to be pressured when your WW crosses a certain level.

    Finally a response that isn't a triggered man child.

    My personal belief if that during any major holiday, its poor form to organise attacks. Its a game after all, and people's lives come first so taking advantage of that is dubious. I play this game for fun, and I'm not looking to play in or vs teams that take advantage of these things.

    Fair enough if you had planned to hit us at a certain level. but your hammers have stopped raiding and been ready for several days, you could have chosen to send them a day or two ago and get this server over and done with (we all know what the sims say, and I don't think its going to be a close run server).

    what are you talking about? What's Christmas got to do with this...? Did your wonder stop growing coz it's Christmas eve? I don't mind if Travian sends the server into hiatus and we all return after 48hrs while server has paused - but your ww is growing from where I can see. and none of our targets/etc etc have got anything to do with the Christmas. Do we need to hit prematurely coz your wonder would hit 100 on new year? Sorry but we've not even slightly considered the holidays into our calculations.
    Hammers were sent back the moment we had some of those returned. And we'll continue to do so till we can. Not even sure what you're complaining about here. This server is at end-game. If you check those boxes to the left - it clearly says it too. Not sure why you want us to hit you when you're prepared for us... :| Maybe you've forgot we're not allies this server...

    You sound pretty triggered, Delaying your WW hits till the WW is a higher level gives you no advantage - in fact its generally a disadvantage. having LA on hasn't led to mass starvation, in fact we have more def than we did a few days ago. There was no need to wait to hit us until Christmas, but you did anyway.

    You want your enemies to treat you with respect and "not cheat" blah blah blah, then you "unintentionally" drag out the server so you can end it on Christmas day?

    Your allies choices are your own, but don't try and say Christmas has nothing to do with it - you just look foolish.