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    As for just one comment on your stats.

    I don't know the date you took the population of all.

    But for the last few weeks we have been zeroing population like a rain storm if you look at getter on wings goofers gunn3rs at least, will see have decimated there over all population,

    Congrats on destroying feeders and techs 😂

    bro we like being here . Didn’t want to Zerg and have a boring ass server . We do war unlike y’all .

    Cause we didnt splat on your caps the way you wanted us to?

    ummm sure :D

    "These great alliance leaders" I agree, GUNNERS survive pretty well, more than i excepted. But saying great leaders ? maybe you forgot why you are in the current situation from the first place ?

    If a CEO will get his company into a crises, then he will do a nice job during the crises, is he a good leader ?!?

    And about their good work, like some people said here before, its more the people in GUNNERS accomplish. But like the say I like, good leader is a leader who know to chose good people to be around him.

    I came here today looking for banter from the two ops that landed very recently. Back reading this I see a lot about how Gunners is outnumbered and in a never ending war. How we will quit if we dont start making bridges (aka zerging). If Gunners losses this 5v1 war then so be it. If we lose every cap, feeder, and village then so be it. I will not quit, give in out of fear and spite. We will fight till we have nothing left to fight with, and when this happens we will fight that much harder. So do as you say, zero us 30 or 40 targets at a time. We are not farms or noobs who quit when we lose our caps or hammers. Our resolve and commitment as a team from what I can tell has never been stronger. I do not speak for gunners in what I say, just a simple follower and believer in Gunners.

    On a side note I find it amusing how cocky the zergers are on the forums. Dont let it go to your head, you may have numbers, you may have a few skilled players, however I believe you have instilled a resolve in your enemies to see you fall faster then you rose. How this post will age, will be a true testament of how the server has gone.

    We’re all with you brother let Zergers come at us .

    Everyone we got our first alliance cheating .

    Watch out NEU has spies in alliances and will watch reports and send ghost hammers to follow you home .

    Still im both the better simmer and raider than my little friends from Gunnerz are :(
    And also GoW raids double of Gunners.

    I dont see both facts changing any soon kid :D

    CoNGratuLatiOns On bEiNg sO GooD aT TraViaN

    - ps no one really gives a sheet

    congrats you raid more in a quad that is dead with no competition 🤘

    It a titanic turn of events NE Army( & Co) reveal their true identity as LEGENDS.. This is a dramatic shake up which will surely be a defining moment in the outcome of Com2.

    Hopefully their leaders can give a brief statement here.

    "Legends never die"


    To be honest, NE Army & ELITE will soon be absorbed by GUNN3RS.

    I don't see any sign that GUNN3RS will lose dominance in NE.

    So whatever pete is saying here will be a good joke few months later.

    Just like how we joke on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by what they have no armies they are just sim city