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The blacksmith once again looked at the parchment a visitor had just given him.
There was nothing particularly unusual about this order – to decorate armor and a weapon with an emblem... ⚔️ #ShadowEmpires

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    Everyone we got our first alliance cheating .

    Watch out NEU has spies in alliances and will watch reports and send ghost hammers to follow you home .

    Still im both the better simmer and raider than my little friends from Gunnerz are :(
    And also GoW raids double of Gunners.

    I dont see both facts changing any soon kid :D

    CoNGratuLatiOns On bEiNg sO GooD aT TraViaN

    - ps no one really gives a sheet

    congrats you raid more in a quad that is dead with no competition 🤘

    It a titanic turn of events NE Army( & Co) reveal their true identity as LEGENDS.. This is a dramatic shake up which will surely be a defining moment in the outcome of Com2.

    Hopefully their leaders can give a brief statement here.

    "Legends never die"


    To be honest, NE Army & ELITE will soon be absorbed by GUNN3RS.

    I don't see any sign that GUNN3RS will lose dominance in NE.

    So whatever pete is saying here will be a good joke few months later.

    Just like how we joke on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by what they have no armies they are just sim city

    lol no one cares about gunners that much bro

    Getting hot in here I love it . Either way it ll be a fun server

    I hear your point about recruiting standards , but I’m also cool with working with anyone that wants to play even if they are noobs . I’m sure there is plenty of spies so no shocker

    I think more of Naps and confeds have move to with what your leaders have done than us seeking protection.It not like gunners has launched an op at all.

    Finally stop acting like your in a position of weakness 60 good players beats 300 noobs . The meta is somewhere in the middle so it should be a good match we got noobs and experts

    I don't think we can blame any of our leaders tbh, you look at a quad like sw cwl went straight for diplomacy becoming revs and simply allied the next strongest alliance in quad, (# boring) now it's all too easy for them, players probably won't even see red swords till artefacts.

    Gunners on the other hand get to test there mettle, same with ne army/elites keeps players on there toes active and interested especially when fighting against a competent opponent or against overwhelming odds.

    Nah the problem is that your leaders tried to poach the best NE players by bashing are leadership.

    Then were dumb enough to insult the leadership of NE in messages. To the leaders that they tried to recruit to their alliance .

    Literally recruiting leaders of other alliances to join them and then insulting them in the same message lol

    That’s why there is a war