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    Yes, the 2 accounts from the same ally are connected through sitting.
    The 3rd account that got traded with and then raided has no affiliation with the other 2 accounts, other than a minor trade, before being raided.

    After further consideration it also means:
    At some point we can't raid let's say 10% of the players on the server.
    Or it can mean that people can exploit trades, by accepting a trade from us, and then they have immunity from us for 2 weeks, without us even knowing.

    Ok because in the original post you talked about 2 accounts and now you are mentioning a 3rd, can you explain again what happened?

    Did the math (1x Server Speed) and have to correct myself. Although Gaul is a bit better than you stated here huns aren't bad (better than teutons). Downside is you need about 200 more crop per day because of consumption. Maybe this is the true Hybrid strategy.

    Mercs + Marks is the only true hybrid strategy ^^
    I am a little bit biased on that but I love mercs marks. Really good balanced defense (stronger vs inf), great raiding and I think better offense than gaul hammers. And to answer the thread this is why Gauls need a buff.

    Man why do people sleep on the defensive prowess of the Huns? Sure their wall is bad but how often do anvils defend themselves? Most of the time those Mercenaries and marksmen (who are also quite strong as hammers better than Gaul hammers actually) will be defending elsewhere. Mercenaries + Marksmen is actually very strong. Huns are not the worst defensive tribe out of the 5.

    My reason ist speed without Hero and to have the ability to go defensive later (which is probably only important in ww Servers). Yes Huns or even Romans are better with the 120 Attack but first you have to hit something which ist easier with faster Units.

    But i agree gauls should be changed to really have their role, because Egyptians basically took their identity as THE Defensive Tribe.

    Meh I'll take 16 speed (19 with hero) and 120 att over 19 and 90 att. Also don't forget the Steppe rider only costs 895 resources to the TTs 1090. Personally though I love the marksman due to the high speed, 105 loot and their high defense combined with the 115 attack for 40 resources less than the TT. Like I said TTs are probably the most overpriced and useless unit when it comes to 5 tribe servers ^^

    Lemme just say that why would you build a TT or EI ghost when the Steppe Rider is faster, cheaper and stronger (faster than the EI, stronger than the TT). And if you want to get a little bit crazy try a marauder ghost. 180 attack for a 14 speed which increases to 17 with the Hun hero bonus. If anything the only truly obsolete feature of the Gauls is the TT ghost hammer. As far as defense, yes the phalanx has a lower def/time than both the slave militia and the Hun mercenary but its def/crop consumption makes it viable. In the end the only reason to play Gauls is for the Druids due to their quick response time to def calls.

    Unless, of course, you actually play this game to enjoy yourself and you don't really care about OP units etc and you just enjoy playing Gauls. Then you can do whatever the hell you want and have fun playing whichever tribe you want ;).
    After all there are people out there making Egyptian hammers <X.
    And yes I am a Hun Fanboy