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The blacksmith once again looked at the parchment a visitor had just given him.
There was nothing particularly unusual about this order – to decorate armor and a weapon with an emblem... ⚔️ #ShadowEmpires

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    In my opinion there is no fun in pay for win servers

    ww server i could say itn´t, but pandoras, with many wars and good level with many allys fighting each other, it is great, I played last beta(on Salados), and there I think we had lots of fun, even when i lost that server, but it kept level till end

    I am a Spanish player who won the last Pandora with an excellent team, some Italians challenge us, so there are several alliances that will play in the Spanish code, this is a small map, more battles and more fun if any alliances want to play,

    we want more war !!!

    At the moment there are several alliances that are champions of some Pandora in their fields and want to fight each other. ,

    there are several alliances who are going to play in spanish codex, it is small map, more fighting and more fun, if any alliances want to play,

    we want more war!!!

    for now there are some alliances who are champions of some pandoras in their domains and wants to fight each other. .

    there are several allys who are going to play in spanish codex, it is small map, more fighting and more fun, if any ally want to play,

    for now there are some ally who are champions of some pandoras in their domains and wants to fight each other.

    I have said it before in the Hispanic domain and now I say it here so that others also think about it.

    I have read all the notes about the 2019 tour and the ideas, and there is one that worries me more than any other because the repercussions in the game change and is the implementation of catapult trains as a form of automation.

    A good offensive player of travian knows how to launch trains not just at the second but accurated on time date as well.

    So them with the new changes everyone will be able to send trains with more than 80% of the accuracy is something for me too easy for many players mediocre that do not dream to send this kind of attack even badly, which has been sweat and experience to send trains of many experienced players and even today there are times that some trains leave badly. Even so the idea of facilitating the game is very valid on the part of the developers, only that I would like there to be much more balance and the experience and the skill of the players will not be thrown away

    My proposal or suggestion:

    So implement that system but there is a way to differentiate in the precision of the trains between a skilled player and a noob one, I would suggest, that the daily missions were restructured and that by the amount of points they give daily missions will also influence the accuracy of trains leaving in 1sec or departing in 2se divided. I explain

    could be attacked 3 natars daily, but if the attack comes in the same second (in the form of train, without using the facility that would be implemented) there is a bonus of accuracy, if it arrives at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 or 18:00 hours server (4 attempts) with just times there is another bonus of accuracy.

    could be given many ideas such as those in which the missions could measure the skill or the players' stain so that 80% accuracy was only good players, while those who do not fulfill the missions (eye not the current missions that do not generate any difficulty mid sever onwards) only have 10 or 20%

    it is just like or dislike, I do not agree, and thousands of players think the same. but travian could do an option, something like Color Blind Support; you can chance if you like the old grafics.

    red forms represent something miss if you see bo, for example in top-left picture there are two trees in one and the other picture doesn´t have any.

    and the white form represent something diferent of shape, it might be something diferent in that painting or just a something diferent of shape...(but there is a [b]difference)[/b] in total 10...

    i used this software, i don´t know if it works ...