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    I think that to debate who is the rightful winner of last year is useless:)

    Everyone think they have chances to win last finals even PRIME8)

    By the way, is there anything interesting in the finals? Only watching others playing?(

    In group a, the Turkish in NE trying to bugging our WW by sending fakes in consecutive seconds just as last finals lol.

    Let’s see Travian Gaming successfully fixed the problem or not.

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    § 6.6 Messages within the game may only be published with the consent of both parties. Publishing messages or emails to or from Travian: Legends staff is forbidden, unless given explicit consent.

    By the way, I still don’t realize why everyone think merging and forward system is a huge advantage for hammer? I truly think that deff players have a huge advantages against hammer because of freely choose where the store deff troops.

    Watching these old SYN players have strong sense of justice make me feel comfort. Travian game will bloom if all players have the sense of justice like you guys, willing to volunteer MH job and send my adorable pigs and cows teammates down to rot in hell.

    Hope you can get the job, and clean all the injustice out from Travian game and have a nice wedding if I remember right.

    But why I remember someone from SYN and later join TM deceive and cheat money from our player? Maybe cheat the pigs and cows should be a justice action although this deceiver is also a heavy gold purchaser?

    Let me answer the stuff you said about me in short:

    Not so short lol;)

    And as a defense player and sometimes organizer, I still think merging system is not a big advantage for offense players when there is also forward system.

    I believe Afrodita from TM(Sorry taking you as example) and many other TM players who also spend gold merged troops can agree my words.

    We all experienced that when we still trying to hit the residence of the rivals village, the defense troops forwarded nearby walled the offense troops.

    In my opinion, in many cases, the merging and the forward system didn't give hammer players huge advantages against deff players.

    Moreover, I believe in most of the cases, the merging and the forward system give deff players a huge advantages.

    By the way, I believe Defense is the basis of the game. When SYN break apart and most of them join TM, I didn't believe MAD will win.

    Why we won at last is because we take our responsibility to save the region for our team and teammates.

    Many of our players willing to stay up late and set alarm clock at 4 a.m. despite they also have their real life.

    What you gonna do is to motivate their love and passion for the team and for the game.

    What you earn most in the game will not be the honor of winning, the most precious one is your lovely teammates.<3

    In my opinion, it's just unlucky?

    If you send 4 waves and the chief is at the 4th, you will have about 20% that the residence is destroyed.

    If the chief is at 2nd waves, still have 5% chance. ;(Higher than the chance i get my waifu

    In my opinion, UB is really strong cause it’s flexible, deff or off players can use it easily, and a deff village with UB and 20lvl tournament is easy to go everywhere in the map. More over, once received attack and activate small boots in every village can cost a lot .

    TM's operation on yesterday is really aggressive and turned into good result.

    It's a great operation that worth appreciate

    This troops is really huge;)

    (I remembered that someone said that MAD pay to win?:))

    Not sure how many percentage of the troops is merged. I guess maybe 50%

    By the way, the first and the second report is not the same day.

    the first one is on yesterday, and the second one is today's.

    Huns attack is soooooo strong;(

    There are more reports and I believe TM can share more:*

    Thanks for sharing this report( although it’s my report lol)

    I can give you more details.

    It’s Monday morning in my area. I slept well unlike usual so I can see GOT S08E05 world premise. Suddenly I found that ETERNAL TEAM send an attack to me and it will be arrived in 12 minutes. Since many of my teammates also received attack waves in different regions, I thought that was an fake. Then shit things happened( this village was taken away by On Your Knees today)

    Then I received lovely attack from Afrodita, my lovely neighbors.

    He first trying to conquer than trying to catapult down the village for total 34 waves in 2 hours. I sacrifice my GOT S08E05 and calling for deff to save my life. At last the deff forwarded after the film was over.

    That it is. Lucky or not, S08E05 is a piece of shit so it seems that it’s a wise choice not to see that. However my resources village was taken away by Afro during I was watching the replay of S08E05. Damn GOT and those TM players who suggested attack during GOT world premise.

    TM sends out MMs with nice reports. I guess their leaders don't like sharing. Not sure why, its not like MAD doesn't know where the armies are.

    May I ask is there reports that Mercy’s (me) villages been catapulted or conquer, if so, it’s my honor to be a part of your MMs;)

    By the way Raistlin you lie to me;)

    Afro merge 50000 Mercenaries and 15000 Marauders to catapulted my village in 5 minutes routes.;) I was so expected that he will give me the village. ;)By the way can you ask him how many does merge these troops cost?;)

    Since TM seems doesn’t wanna show reports, I respect their decision so I won’t post reports here.

    I just wanna say TM are devils. Only devils will make their off plan at GTO world premise and launch another conquer plan at the first replay;)

    From what I heard TM is not hugging actually

    its the Chinese that are 10 alliances or something. They dont need bot accs anymore when there are real noobs who join them to be their bots.

    its the way of them saying early server didn't happen or something

    I prefer not to call those players and alliances who also spend time in the game “noobs”:)

    amazing night....dracarys xdd

    You guys so evil. Attack us during GOT premise, so I can’t watch the film.

    Spoilers alert!!



    My village:”ring the bell”:D

    Can someone tell Afrodita not to attack my village?:)

    He set between my villages and build pop to 600 up in few hours.:)

    I'm so afraid.:)

    Please don't catapult me that i'll so afraid that wet my pants.:)