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    They probably just didn’t get the memo when Diamond switched from defending Phoenix to Slapice ... can’t blame them... probably just some miscommunication...

    Not really, but if you read a bit you’ll find out someone is pointing me out because I chiefed the spawn of Exis... so my point was pretty much same as yours!

    hahahaha, trust me i hate on nobody. there are only certain players that ruin this game. and even tho sherlock might be a good player without proxy too no doubt, i am 100% certain that he used exis as proxy.

    To be honest i have no idea why you'd believe i log into that account with a proxy... because i defended it ? You'll need stronger arguments than that... Or like you told us when we accused you of using Vutra as private farms : go see MH. The arguments you given are pointless and we deny using proxy.

    As for the spawn village of Exis that i chiefed, i don't think it's too 'anormal' as this village had no purpose for him... Do I need to show pictures of the 12 spawn villages L.V. chiefed from Slapice ? C'mon ...

    Anyhow, it looks like this server is getting exciting (even more). Sadly the dream of having a 4 quad war is over - Now that Diamond and Slapice have teamed up. It's understandable both teams were upset after artefact dispatch. Only thing i'm a bit dissapointed right now is that Slapice believes Pirates were the only ones defending Phoenix targets mid january while Diamond also had sent 200k defenses there to also catch Slapice hammers. Pirates didn't revealed this information yet to avoid Diamond some trouble :) But now that it's all against PP, let's put cards on table ! All in !

    Oh, I forgot Horsemen... Wanna make it 3vs1 or we balance it to 2vs2 ? 8)

    :thumbsup: Finally server started :)

    But I must admit, it’s the first time I see a multi account spending +7k euros before artefacts ! Again, I’m impressed

    Well I’ll be honest with you. Sherlock account had some issues between Sunday and Monday. We had a dual switch and apparently things weren’t done correctly. Once it was fixed we went back to raiding :)

    Oh and btw, we aren’t abusing natars much... we get spiked sometimes too.. maybe you could ask megy and Organiko ?

    The Slapice team has strike again today. Very well played.

    A bit surprised indeed with the infra Shogun had in his capital. Shogun didn't even left a few soldiers to block in case of ''fakes''.

    Here's 19 (out of 21) buildings we saw destroyed at Shogun's capital.

    Trade Office

    Warehouse 2

    Granary 6







    Grain Mill

    Main building


    Note : No stonemanson in the village.

    Question : was it really a capital ? His field levels weren't as high as we expected… not at all...

    Slapice are surprising us indeed. However, did the Phoenix leadership was aware that Shogun played with Slapice members before ?

    TT Finals 2017 :…

    TC3 2013…liance/1305-Valhala%C2%AE

    Notice in both cases, Shogun's main village was named '' Kyoto ''. Is all this a big setup ? Shogun mentionned on discord that the loss of his capital ''was fully manageable'' and that he didn't want to ''waste any of the alliance's defenses''…

    Hard to believe still…

    Here, just to make sure you are confused even more :

    A month has passed since last server analysis and things were pretty interesting ...

    South East :

    Horsemen are still clearing the quad. We saw chiefing attempts from Zloy Persik at Olympus players. One thing is sure in SE, Ballmaster will win the ''Support your WW'' award for the round. Some players from Phoenix got a hard time against the few Pirates in the quad. Seems like Cinderella isn't as cute as we thought so.…qvC17uqXeVpHmGFlbVWETA9AQ…aABk8EoAlAARoPi1WWEQRQC8X

    North East :

    Pirates and Peace are controlling the Quad. Phoenix META has a couple players in NE, how long will this last ? Seems like at the moment the only places Pirates are hitting is SE. Pirates also absorbed Doge which are on the border between NE and SE. Can you trust a Pirate ?

    North West :

    Slapice and Phoenix started to fight. Not many reports to show but from what we can imagine Phoenix are taking the major hits. Sad thing about Slapice is their private farming. We saw on Jan. 7th Viper doing large jumps on the Top robbers, i thought Travian Games finally found a solution for this… (Next round i might not buy gold club and simply create a few multi accounts, looks easier and less time consuming !) Funny how Vutra players are all around Slapice, but no confederacy/Nap between the two alliances, no… would be a shame to have raiding restrictions on friends or multies ! Anyhow, here is a few reports of L.V. and Slapice attacking Phoenix :…acIcDgovMXxTbHCIsJCMRCGBw…VYqotz9l0hAIAKCYWwiKKAiAF

    Shogun continues to settle all croppers in NW. Did Slapice already gave him the ''join or die'' speech ? Will Shogun leave (again) the alliance he founded himself… ? Can we defend with artworks ? So many questions...

    South West :

    Nothing much in SW. Same story within Active and Diamond. The highlight of December was when Diamond removed the capital letters from their name. Things are quiet over there, SW is getting ready for artefacts. Security has made his reputation over servers for his artefact hunts. Will he have enough help to support him ?

    Sadly have no other reports to share here today. Let's hope some will post it ...

    This is a general recap of December, it might get pretty interesting in January. Good luck all !

    Almost half way until artefacts are released and we slowly see the server shaping up. Some are believing it may be a West vs East war, others pray for a 1vs1vs1vs1 like we were used to in the good old days. Here's a quick summary, feel free to add or correct any information. I'm just a bored player trying to make this forum alive.

    South West :

    Active and DIAMOND shares the quad. Considering the defending points we could think that a mutual agreement was made between them, who knows ? Secret NAPs or Confed seems to be the new trademark. Will this hold until artefacts ? We recently saw Phoenix merged a mic mac of players from WK-SSS and HB in NW while HB had a NAP with DIAMOND… Lots of questions without answers in SW.

    South East :

    Horsemen absorbed +cCc+ and then went forward with a confed to Raiders. No time to mess around in SE. Both teams looks structured and the quad's borders are pretty much sealed… Except from thoses few Pirates and Peace villages close to GZ. Surprised we havn't see any fancy moves from Horsemen there by the way. We might see a bit less action in SE for the next 2 months, but who knows… Horsemen are hard to predict.

    North East :

    We saw a few players swapping between Pirates and Peace. Both teams have their bunch of decent players and looks pretty much settled at this point. Olympus and Peace have shared a few minor hostilities. Will they come over and unite for a stronger NE or will it keep going ? Hard to tell, seems like Olympus leaders abandoned the ship. Notice that the amount of raiders in NE is pretty unbalanced if we compare to other quads.

    North West :

    I kept NW for last because they are my favorite one at the moment. Slapice looks built up directly for WW race and then there's Phoenix that just popped out in NW. Will Slapice and Phoenix figure a way to work out togheter ? Hard to tell, luckily Slapice was able to grab a couple nice croppers before Shogun took them all. Talking of Shogun, could Travian Team put a gold limit on accounts ? Rumors are saying that an investment company is sponsoring the Shogun account. =O Anyhow, Slapice makes NW look very strong, wouldn't be surprised WWK/WWR are already being pumped out. On top of that you got L.V. that's pretty centered in grey Zone that already sent catapults to the old HB players (now Phoenix). Lots of fun to come in NW.

    Special mention to Doge, spread on the SE and NE border. All we know from the Dutch guys is that their skills are sharped and they are not to be taken slightly.

    Sadly have no reports to share here today. Let's hope some will post it after this.

    This is a general recap of the server, it's pretty silent until now so hard to get deep in topics.

    Have a good day.

    Any chances we know about server start ? We know there’s one on 25th but we can’t tell about the start time, according to Facebook they start at different times according to domains...

    Thanks !

    Propa idk who you are but I definitely know I didn't write join or die crap..keep lying to yourself though xd

    You should just notice for next time, that giving this early game ultimatum is provocative. Since I knew you had no clue what we could do and you just gave us a bit more motivation to taste victory over The Mighty Division at that time.

    It was still a nice round, a very tough one I must admit. Losing UB to Joselito did hurt... It’ll be a well deserved break for me after this I think...

    Good luck for the next few weeks, they should be promising !


    Once the server ends you'll stop bsing and write how and why we didn't get to see quad vs quad (Maybe we even get to hear Sherlock's side)! I guess I scared him too much with my experience in the early game. xD

    I see no pleasure in throwing mud on forum... All I know is that you overestimated your join or die proposition... As I’m still waiting for you

    There were more than enough attempts at making this into a quad vs quad server (which would've definitely made it one hell of a server)!

    Quad vs quad could have worked if Rei back then didn't provoked the entire SW by giving a join or die speech (even before BP drop actually). Not to mention that their leader had to switch account after 2 weeks cus he couldn't settle a new village by himself. =O

    As for the join or die speech... It apparently worked with PFF tho... :rolleyes:

    But that's the only details i've been reading on discord chat.

    You've never had wars with StorM when you were ONE and opposite, while it wasn't all sparks and bubbles between Odin and UN. :D

    Correct me if i'm wrong iRonik but you aren't saying StorM had an easy run right ?

    Just to continue is the hammer vs couch topic ... We found a couple more ! PS : Tell that gaul guy that it's the other brown horses he has to train ...!! :D

    Converter - Battle reports Travian Old Monk vs Simmer
    Converter - Battle reports Travian tkc vs element
    Converter - Battle reports Travian tzivio vs fefe
    Converter - Battle reports Travian ouchtool vs fefe

    Torrent went on a solo action in an attempt to steal the small titan boots from yeyeye, which sadly resulted in a splatter, though it was close.

    Converter - Battle reports Travian
    [StorM] Torrent vs. [UN-K] yeyeye

    I had to, sorry, i'm just here to play the troublemakers.

    We analysed Torrent's attack on yeyeye, and discovered that the gaul defending the village was within ONE's members ! After a quick couple verifications, it was obvious, UN saved the artefact with an anvil sent from ONE ! Who could have believed ?

    But ONE couldn't just kick this unskillful spy without a clear message sent !

    O mighty Juventus decided to spy the spy, and what it was found in there surprised everyone... and then ... !

    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    Not only our embarrassed friend was caught hand in the bag, he also lost the UN troops he was secretly feeding.

    Moral of the story, if you can't be a good travian player, try at least to be a good spy ... :whistling: