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    why mafia and winter send attack New Order and CS?

    they busy with F&B. they make 2-4 times on week offensive missions to F&B

    They don't attack, help in other ways ... attacks on NOLL and CS are coming from X3, P&D (also know as WithoutYou and his techs) and -TG- (in SW).

    Happy I told the things you already knew correct? ;)

    Ok, you will be number 1 on my cata list in that case :/

    Just a bunch of players trying to make one server really interesting. However, i'm pretty sure when the server starts, half the leaders will not be able to stand the pressure and will quit. One of the teams has got a very good reputation, and I'd love for other teams to experience it first hand too.

    If you'd take my advice, stay away from that server. You'd find nothing but toxicity.

    On that note, if you find a team going for com5, do let me know too please. I want to kill a few hours a day. Hopefully will find a few players to attach myself to.

    SGR toxicity? :)

    Kicking players that got banned? Already done, the ones who got caught cheating have been removed (The player Awesome21 does not exist, WOW what a surprise we actually kicked our cheaters, when will you do the same with The Grim? Anomander Rake? C2I?). Not my problem if you can't believe the Chinese players got unjustly banned and all unbanned without punishment, it was really easy to see, but you can keep making up that they got a "pop reduction".

    C2I are cheaters? Best joke I red here in months ... they are the most honest players I know and I played some servers with them and their sitters so see it's only activity and skills.

    And about the merging thing ... the server hardly started and VICES wanted to work together with Lowlands. After one of our players took an arte from VICES I received some messages saying "we don't have a NAP anymore?". Wonder what you were saying to your members.

    Lowlands was a 40 game premade to start here, far to small to survive alone so merging with TEN, the only premade we didn't see getting banned, was the most logical thing to do.

    I don't care what they say, the fact is they both allow cheaters/banned accounts to stay in their ally. Enough for me not to read everything they post here.

    Have better things to do and would like to see actual game chat here.

    svenie No they are not saying that, they are saying the other cheats more actually.

    And becoming TEN wings is the same as a Dutch/Belgian premade disappearing I guess. Don't have to explain you everything, do I? ;)

    Please stop this stupid conversations about the way VICES and SGR play. They are both doing the same.

    If you have 1 player you see in LL1 or LL2 who's using methods against the rules, just say so and they will be kicked. We already kicked 2 spikers before.

    They way VICES and SGR play is the reason this is the first and last time our NL+BE premade plays com1.