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🔥 New user interface & tribe specific buildings survey 🔥
The answers can be submitted until February 21, 2020 10:00 GMT+1.
The survey results will form a foundation for our future work on the needed adjustments based on your wishes and suggestions.

    Starting T4.5, travian will lose more player... lets see

    -Sitter system is pretty bad, and getting worse with the new system... We cant check ppl who want to join ally

    -some ppl still got banned bcs of sitter abuse, which is they dont do any sh*t. That MH who ban carelessly only said sorry after he ban for 2 days.

    -i see MH ban someone for pushing resources too much, so why dont you delete market building from the game if we cant send ress to someone? when i see the reason, it said "Etc"... kind of stupid, then just write new rule "NO CFR ALLOWED". After some talks on ticket, he sounds like MH decision is absolut, so why there is any ticket feature? player cant complain if the MH do something wrong. That's messed up, why the he*l TG should pick MH like he is

    -A lot of ppl dont like the new building interface, and etc. It will make us harder to play.

    Travian, please focus onmake this game better. No need to make useless feature....

    Well, i think TG is run out of idea to make this game better....

    i hope all player can give them some advice for the game