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    If A sees B (Black) and C (Black) he does not know which he is wearing until he realises,

    B (Black) must be seeing C (Black) and A

    C (Black) must be seeing B (Black) and A

    If A's Hat is white then both B & C will be stuck in an insolvable problem as they cannot know for a fact if they are wearing Black or White (both being possible).

    As B & C stay silent so long and A realises the puzzle must have an answer he concludes he must be wearing a Black Hat.

    Hi Chris,

    Yeah, PTPx2 recently was also ridiculous in terms of inept attempts at Multi-account cheating where swathes of territory ended up full of banned accounts. In many cases they were even numbered rather than named! Which was just laughable - though stil took a while to get them banned..... As annoying as it is to have the spots cluttered up, I suppose at least these folk have been caught, it is the rest that will no doubt cause problems as the game progresses. Hope you have a good one!

    IGN - Scipio

    PTPx2 Com20

    VP Points are as follows on PTP:

    Unique regions 10vp x6

    Greater 30vp x28

    Lesser 50vp x42

    "Fool" 100vp x 10

    Delphi 200vp x 1

    Giving a total of 4,200VP

    However as this is PTPx2 The Total is now 8,400VP

    IGN - Scipio on PTPx2

    The solution to this is to place the horns:

    1-5-6 top line

    4 middle

    2-3-7 bottom line

    So in all directions; across top and bottom, down the centre, and diagonally through the 4 both ways = a sum of 12

    (Playing as Scipio)

    There are 4 possibilities:
    They are both telling the truth - impossible
    They are both Lying - impossible
    The Haeduan is lying & the Druid telling the truth - impossible
    Therefore the Haeduan is telling the truth & the Druidrider is lying & this is not the place Shu is looking for.