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    so the biggest -removed- contest still going on i see 😂 Get a life people instead of trolling in here day in day out 😂

    In the end it all doesnt matter, THC outsmart both our alliances. Fun to see an alliance who spend way less than both of our alliances wins. Well they will win, if they dont get backstabbed.

    you did that whole server, and when u did try same on us you died constantly. It seems that being a hypocrite is one of the main requirements to join bedlam lol

    pardon me, what wins you got vs web? Planting towns in iconium and taking it for a week? Bravo:)

    and all you can do is spend gold and merge troops. You are not a great player Kazah, you just know how to use your deep wallet very well. You guys spend the gold more wise than bedlam did, cause gotta be honest we used pretty much also. The great players quit this game a long time ago, cause the great players are also smart i guess, and quit when wusses started spending a couple thousand dollars on a server.

    i never bragged about anything. I mean why brag when travian has become pay to win ( yes bedlam pays also ) . I wont brag about money i spent to sim up towns, or money i spent to merge troops. In my eyes the small alliances are the only pure players left. Spending way less money, so will never brag about conquering their villas or destroying them. Other alliance mates might brag about it, but i wont.

    Nice job against an alliance who has no artifacts aurora 😂 you really gonna brag about that?

    sharing password is bad, but you do share it on beerhunter. not you exactly, but some one do, owner is not playing thats for sure:)

    not sharing password dude.

    If they want to look for potential bug abusers:

    Here ya go. TOP 5 somehow way above others, which isn't normal, will they get banned? Most likely not, because they are all 'legit players'.

    Do not accuse us of cheating dude! Raided all fair and square. Even splatted a hammer in between. I cant help it you prolly a noob and cant raid that much.

    We should all show respect to eachother. As long as no one is caught cheating he/she is playing fair. Accusations make no point. Web is doing the best to their abillity, bedlam is, thc is, heathens is. Guys this is a game, i understand trolling on forum is a game also, but damn it gets boring after a few months of reading the same shit.

    Sorry Aurora. You sound like a good sport. We just noticed your plan in time and had to come up with something. Was a hectic two days for us. And yes we were lucky you guys didnt finnish off some villas in one strike. That was our saviour tbh.

    Sakku your name is almost the same as someone i like and respect on travian. I doubt you are her though.