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    personally i never liked the idea. Once i read ELE MM, i immidiatly deleted the farmlist we had.

    Wow, donors are crying because someone else uses Gold more wisely... Hypocrites at their best.

    Must be sad life to blame everything on Gold when whole game is based on it, what's more you yourself are using it lol... I'm curious if anyone from Bedlam or Heathens would play server that would be based with no gold.... I higly doubt you would have any advantage over active people who have some strats over the P2W... but yeah, once again desperate hypocrisy.

    Still having hammers = you guys are too scared to use them or unable to coordinate attacks properly, cmon server goes like 3 months or so and still logs were just on deff and on attack you all played really bad or managed to attack random people on map with your 'big hammers', what can you show? Probly nothing.

    Are they spending it more wisely? Using 150 dollars to merge a huge hammer, and then splat it. Is that wise dear Mindfreak? Yes they might have grabbed a region doing it, but it cost them alot. And dear Mindfreak we are not scared to use them, just waiting for the strategic right moment to make a difference and hopefully win.

    Vices suck, bunch of gold whores who go whine about everything and nothing. At least SGR and TEN are making ops to make this game interesting. You guys just sit on your rears and do nothing all server. If not for SGR and TEN this would have been another server with just building wwk 250 days then splat. You call us a meta, yet you guys recruit 300 people pre server, big booooooo. You guys are ruining this game not us. Offcourse we are not as organized as you guys, cause we hope the alliances will be smaller, your chicken recruiting pre server forced us to ally with TEN. I really hope the leaders tell us to mass delete, you guys can attack eachother then with that UT lol

    People who just wanna play with one account and play fair, are getting screwed hard by alliances that use techs. Not enough to raid to feed a million man army. People who want a relax game should not play travian Loffe. Go play sim city or something.