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    Well, on one side grapes are easier to eat, but on the other you can mush strawberries together thus getting a lot of red with a mushy pulp, and once you get that you can just pretend you are eating the remains of your last victim....

    Soooo id say strawberries ^^

    So at this point the only thing left to do is question our selfs, so!

    What is trust?

    and for the more what is being?

    I hate there for i am, and with this i can believe in the fact that i exist but can i trust in my own perception of reality?

    Can any of us?

    what proofs do we need to believe that we are ?

    And what importance do we really have, not as an individual but as a species do we matter? and if so why? and if not then why not just end it all?

    Yes we all fear death but is it really worth fearing the best part of life? For with out it there really is no meaning.

    We cherish our life's so much yet we get distracted with silly games that in the end just makes us start bickering at one and other despite whatever platform we are on, sometimes im amassed to see how even though we are living longer we find our selfs living less and the things that end up bringing us together end up either infuriating us or sometimes it completely recks peoples life's.

    And so now, we find our selfs questioning the morality of people we didnt know 150 days ago, whom we might not and probably will never meet. Despite the possibility of you being right or wrong to come into the forum in the hopes of shamming what is almost a stranger during your fit of anger and disappointment, does this thread really matter? Does he? Do I? Do you? Does anything?

    From the beginning of the server the war between GG and betrayed have echoed through the realm, reports of great battles and tremendous achievements were heard of, time and time again GG tried at its best to triumph over Betrayed to the point that it made coordinated attacks with the help of 3 or 4 other alliances, thankfully Betrayed had the help of GotN to deal with this situation and managed to rise above the odds.

    Some weeks passed after those events and the Betrayed warriors began to fight back pushing GG further and further away, their villages were crumbling like syphilitic cookies, Betrayed was indeed a force to be reckon with at this stage so warriors from the the North came in GGs rescue, and so Losers, waged a fierce war on Betrayed, an alliance composed out of 9 players many of them in the top 10 ranking with some of the biggest armies on the realm pushed Betrayed back thus giving GG time to breath, but as for GG's dismay it did not last long for Betrayed vanquished their enemies short after the artifacts appeared and once more they could turn their focus onto GG.

    Once Betrayed had recovered from the war with Losers, they once again began pushing GGs forces back, GG had no real fight in it and after its best warriors fell and ran away to the lands of the forgotten, the ones left standing out of frustration due to the lack of leadership and organization have tried to join Betrayed's ranks, for at this point it even the warriors who protected Betrayeds empire had started to form offensive armies and they them selfs started to plunder and destroying GG's towns, and when you have someone who has less than 500 catapults and less than 2k offensive troops who is primarily a defense warrior taking down capitals it just makes it embarrassing to be affiliated with anything regarding GG other than being the ones to bring it down.

    So you see, you cant really blame Keepcalm who was and is, as far as i know, a good player to move into our ranks and it is obvious he would attack you, since we are at war, so you really have your self's to blame if this situation makes you feel lied to, this was nothing more than a player who was frustrated, with hes alliance and decided not to be the one carrying it and so he chose a better way, no reason to come weep on the forums about it.