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    you really miss the point, mate. How do you come to the idea, _he_ needs such strategies?All he says is players _could_ use them and therefore they coud manipulate bans if they were used as you suggested. And that this option speaks against your idea.
    You guys make one core mistake in this debate: You assume everyone who thinks TGs change of the rules for PtP is the right thing to do in the current situation only says so because they want their actual cheating justified.
    This is not the case.

    You really miss my point. Letting the cheaters do what they want in a legal way will just kill what remains of this game. And the biggest part is already gone.
    How can u say 100% this guy isn't a cheater who is happy to chief his "friends" village without the risk of ban? I can say u assume they aren't cheaters without a proof.
    It's the same % to be right i have to say they are cheaters. Now to be competitive u HAVE TO use this silly friendly chiefing startegy, which makes it necessary to start with "friends". That will lead to a lot of "friends" that with a magic trick will let u conquer their villages. How much skill does that requires? I'd say 0.
    It will only be a game about who has the most "friends" to conquer.
    There are surely better way of trying to solve this problem. This will only make happy the players who can't build account on their own cause they are not so skilled use multiple friends to bridge the difference betwen their skills compared to better players. Even if they don't use a real multi( but an account existing only do help another one should be called multi) the game will be ruined by that.

    you really have to be a mediocre player if you need these strategies to deal with someone. I'm not surprised that travian is slowly rotting if it leaves the unhealthy ideas of players of your skill affect regulation.

    Lmao, we are talking about a 15 crop that is going to be capital and has to be the second village, not any cropper in the game. It's pretty obvious if they are doing it intentionally.
    No player would let a good cropper for free, and a noob one surely isn't gonna get one faster than a good account.

    Option one: i believe that noone would be such a bad player and get a nice 15 cropper, but anyway i still believe mh investigation could lead to the solution.
    Option 2: u can see that a well rounded 15 cropper without defence is going go be chiefed, so it's obvious that is a friendly chiefing and u ban the player.
    We used to do this. We can do it again. it's just that a lot of bad players use this to prove they are "good" and that's the new meta even tg is following.
    Giving MH real powers is the solution. I remember how scared i was when we had our SuperMh in the speed server that would check those thing and ban u for 50% or 66%. If someone in the ally was about to let u conquer the village it was very scary to try conquer it and u almost always decided to leave it delete.

    Rest assured I know what the consequences are, sweet summer child.Now, you may like them or not. But its not related to multi accounting.
    And I also dont see how cheaters would benefit from this rule change since they have already been doing this.

    And by the way, calling people with a different opinion newbies just disqualifies yourself and your whole line of argument.

    The consequences are that everyone is now forced to play like a cheater to be competitive.
    If u like that, u probably are already doing it. That's my point.
    TG could let MH ban everyone who do this silly friendly chiefing like they used to do 10 years ago.
    The will is to make all people use multi-like strategies to defeat multis. can't believe any experinced good player would appreciate this. That's why we all stopped in the past years. The remains of the playerbase is adapting to something that has nothign to do with old travian.

    I believe in the ban. It would stop so many cheaters that is worth.
    We used to do it in the past and the situation was better. I'd say is the only thing to do, to believe in the MH investigation and decision. Or else u play with low levels cheaters who needs to start 3 or 4 account to be competitive. That will kill the game anyway, since noone new to the game will start that way, decreasing their already low probability of survival in the first steps.

    Well, fact is: via proxie they could do it before. and they have done what they want before also.difference is: others can do now also - without a proxie.

    Or they could let MH ban those people by letting them have the power to, like it used to be 10 years ago.
    I remember many ban regarding this type of behavior in the older version. What has changed is the way TG let the MH interact with the players for the ban.
    Let's just look at how heavy they were with 50% or 66% of structures and resetting the troops int he accounts.

    If you don't know what the term means educate yourself first or stay away from the discussion. That's healthier for the discourse.

    I will ask all my family to start the server, so i can chief all their villages and be the very best travian player ever. Yeeeee :osd:

    I'm sad we reached such low levels. There's noone left who's a capable player.Now u only need friends to prestart with for be in the top, 0 strategy needed. Trying to play once more after so many years was a huge mistake.