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    Batman must be stupid if he thinks GOATS are to launch against Gunners when we have IKEA right on our doorstep or he is just bullshitting as usual....or perhaps he is counting gunners as part of the nordics?

    I said so far....;)

    Comming to this server all I knew of Batman was what i had seen on the movies and I were under the impression that he was a man of few words and not a man with a diarrea shitstream spraying over travian forum....8o

    IKEA and DUAT = <3 Now will they make a baby in the future? If so what will be it´s name Silja Line?
    Did you know that the famous finnish lion is actually swedish? Perhaps little brother wanna play with big brother for once ?

    Just another spampost to be added to the hundereds above :P

    Well DND went ahead to bring 2.01 in their clutches so SE will be at constant war. NE guys chilling and acting as if they are so lucky when its all a well thought out plan between two alliances with mutual players.

    Well IKEA made sure the SW will be at war until either GOATS or IKEA is erased, so that leaves the NW against the NE. Will Duat and GoW become best pals to fight the NE? Well only time can tell what premade unholy alliances that will last or crumble and what new ones that will arise....

    Not at all, I m just all for encouraging a good clean fight as much the next dc hero. Actually it’s good to see that Goats understand there far from clean or innocent and are in no position to try to take any moral high ground against alliances like vices or ten. I was expecting claims to be denied or counter claims to ensue but good on you Goats for owning your s*^t.

    It seems like you have a thing for GOATS Bratboy? If you are so in to us why didn´t you start in sw quad and join us. It´s more fun to be with us then to admire us from a distance....

    as non active team,

    Calling team out of retirement every few years hurts the numbers

    They get married have kids really sucks lol

    Our wifes won´t allow us to play every year....hell my wife doesn´t even know I have started this server :/:saint::*
    The biggest downside is however that one becomes a noob each time one starts a new server.....fortunatly it´s not brain surgery ;)

    i think you and i got different definitions of "best". Best is playing with the threat you'll possibly lose. It was a one-sided beatdown. Like major league picking on T-ball. CWL needs to up its game, stop stomping on unknowns and avoiding challenges. If you want to pat yourself on the back for accomplishing the easy.. so be it.

    The threat was there but we didnt give it time to become a real problem....