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    Sadly its not abuse of the system. Any player can use vacation mode, even as a war tactic, provided the pre-requisites are met.

    It might be frustrating for a player to use vacation mode to stop you taking an oasis but its not breaking the rules or abusing the system, its using it in a way that was considered at the design stage (thats why there is a long list of pre-requisits)

    Think someone might use vacation mode tactically to block you or ruin your plans, then start sending attacks, as long as they have incoming troops to their villages they cant use vacation mode. Depending on distance it should not be too complex or costly for you to always have 1 troop on its way to them at all times........

    Don't try and tell me vacation mode was introduced so that players could use it "tactically" as a method to steal oasises for 21 days for "free". Just because it's within the rules doesn't means it's not abuse. TG staff clearly overlooked that possibility, which honestly I'm not that surprised by cause it doesn't seem like any of them have ever actually played the game.

    So it absolutely is abuse. The vacation mode was created so players could put their account on "pause" when going on holiday, not so people could steal an enemies cap oasis and go on vacation mode for 21 days. Travian trying to say it's "fairplay"is just denying the error they made and it's plain sad

    ajax tbh i'm dissapointed in a way you gave it back, duat vs. gow in a tech oasis vacation war would have been fun and gow would have lost 10x more than us. but still, thank you i guess?

    NO ONE asked for this update despite it being tested beforehand.

    Please remove it or make it an option. TG devs truly are aweful apparently, instead of fixing actual problems they prefer to roll out some rubbish new UI. Are they actively trying to push players away? It would seem so.

    They would need to introduce kebabs as new resource for that

    In the current version of KEBAB Legends, chipmunks just starve