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    I honestly can't believe how sloppy the devs of this game are. If it was any other game, especially considering the insane amount of money spent per play on average per day, the bug would be FIXED and there wouldn't even be talk about these pathetic "modifications" to try and hide the bug. TG lost a massive amount of users when T4 came out, making it a P2W game (at least early game) and are now alienating the few remaining players.

    Keep it up. In 2 years the game will go bankrupt because no one will want to play it. This BS only lasts so long. You're losing players by the day


    Wow...... Are TG actively trying to make the game worse?? Like seriously?

    You'd think considering the insane amounts of money people spend on this game, they'd at least have the decency the FIX bugs. Not try to cover them up with ridiculous changes.

    Removing spiking was a step forward (after a pretty long time I might add), this is 3 steps backwards. Same for trying to cap raiding to 3hrs of weekly prod of the farm... Fix the issues don't try and cover them up it's pathetic

    I know a few chipmunks who would abuse this change. Not even hard either, just have one acct dedicated to sending a FL with 1 troop to every enemy cropper