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    Name of the building: Cleopatra's Palace

    Function/Description: Cleopatra's Palace give some extra storage for every village. It can be built only in capital, but affect the whole account. Every level give extra +2% storage. It can be built to level 20, so the maximum storage can be 140%. The waterworks is very crazy, it give a huge amount crop, so that will be a big help. And don't forget, the slaves are eating lot of crop, so when you send it, can be very dangerous, because you can have more than 200k in every single village and if you aren't playing much gold, you can't build great storages every village.

    level 1 --- +2%

    level 2 --- +4%

    level 3 --- +6%


    level 20 --- +40%

    I think it will be fine, when this building have the same cp, cost and build time like Brewery.


    • level 20 Marketplace (Because you should have lot merchants, to build that interesting and big building)
    • level 20 Main Building