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    we don’t count Deff techs @ tricker good thing she is not with you she would have felt ashamed to be part of gunners so low , she is with better side with honour

    That made me distance my self from Ten

    I liked you post idk if it’s good or bad or it’s just the ghost asked me to like it

    Afk I think Ikea is without any morale same like (vice, villains , dsd ) backstabbing , low game play but big mouth use of techs and biggest Zerg on com2 but yah we won’t leave cap hit no problem we build again. But yah thanks to server balancer ikea 😂. with those attack nice try but we ignored attacks

    oye chutiya wala uncle suvar ki aulad Teri maa randi hai batmen = translation (u are nice guy but I don’t know why u post fake made up stories )

    You should have thought that before recruiting the guys from GZ that are next to us. You expected we let them live In our territory? :)

    You don’t have balls to attack dnd and gunners or they warned you with their enough numbers not to touch them 🤡

    According to dominant rumors, reports should be asked from both Duat and GOATS. If these rumors contain a seed of truth, some South-Western furnitures might be in need of reassembling soon, assuming vengeful GOATS are being herded by godlike shepherds.

    I am not on public chat any longer due to fluffy unicorns there like Loffee :). Well I see attackers lost there and it’s like shame for them to share :) but defender guide me to some YouTube song haha I wonder if he still have more deff to spare

    @ Rough are you still dualing Tonzo?

    Pretty sure there is much more drama to be had in ten, didn’t Ten also recruit the ultimate drama queen ?

    Heard those same choices, had some pretty bad consequences on com1.. (pun intended ) Good luck with your fencing skills tonzo & rough!

    Ten is incomplete without me 😍 well I am dualing with tonzo😋 without drama no fun & I like your day dream thoughts on forums it’s just trolls but tonzo said give like to lonely guy ( Batman ) post And Make him feel happy 🤪