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    If you have an error with the troops, what should be restarted is only the troops, not the accounts.

    It will harm many people who have not even used the Hospital yet

    This is a tremendous injustice because no one pays the lost hours to raise the bill

    hello as far as I realized, all the buildings go back to the way they were on August 14

    I do not agree and feel impaired, I do not want to see the buildings that are already evolving and the structure of the account being affected.

    I completely disagree and if this happens I will delete my account.

    I know they want to give 200 gold to make up, but I don't want the gold I want my account as it is

    This is more like a joke and one does not look at the effort of each one, for me it is a lack of respect.

    I'm fed up with the slow server, this is not playing, this is torture and a nightmare.

    Never a region server can be x1, this is not playable, this speed is good for those who play only sometimes.

    Damn idea of setting this speed, I think I'll suppress

    In my opinion the speed of x1 on region map servers is a real torture and discouraging.

    In this type of map the minimum speed had to be x2

    I joined to know the changes Codex but I will leave the game, so it is not possible.

    A Big Setback From Commercial Routes

    Previously it was possible to program one by one or to program automatically for several hours.

    Now we have to do everything manually and we still have to enter the time.

    Honestly those who had the idea to make this change just make life difficult for the players.

    The new interface bar is horrible, put both buttons

    (indentations and constructions on the same button) plus a setback

    I was very disappointed with these changes and like me many players were also

    The new interface as it stands is not as friendly and not so beautiful in my opinion, so I made some suggestion modifications

    Little thing but that makes a lot of difference in practical terms.

    I joined the resources button and village center, I also changed the daily tasks button, joining these 2 buttons and moving a little away from the others, and putting the green aurela we are used to.

    honestly I think this way, kill what we already have and we are used to, always choosing where I want to go directly,

    As it is, I am always forced to go the opposite way, as to being susceptible to error I think that a player who does not know quickly will realize even because this is the way it always has been and I never noticed anyone complaining about a mistake.