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    Does this game have to be against endgame and who sims the longest? Ever tried using those simmed things you have, thats where i find my fun atleast. Dont just quit because i had to fight pre d150.

    I basically said what you said, minus the whole nonsense about Khabby "shittalking" you. We've had this conversation many times xD and you still choose to believe what you want to believe because then you're not at fault and its more convenient. All Khabby did was admit that playing with you was not the easiest thing. She was only asked because of the drama you caused when you first left, which led to people in gunners believing stuff about the drama you caused in previous severs. She didn't shittalk you. Infact, she was speaking in favour of you and trying to convince people they were wrong about you, when you decided to prove her wrong by launching at her on com1 xD So yeah, congats :kek: Eitherway, i guess i should stop pointing this out and let you say the nonsense you want to say :)

    Was there even a doubt it was true?=O

    "but hay try to play the victimes whn someon thels the trhote abute you." im quoting this next time she plays victim

    We've already been over this, drama from previous servers spilled over, people didn't want to play alongside you as they felt you'd cause a lot more drama and so Leadership had no choice but to let you go. You however don't want to take responsibility for drama caused by you on previous servers and keep trying to shift the blame onto GUNNERS leadership accusing them of being bullies. So I don't know if you're in any position to call somebody else delusional. I hate having to say this on a public chat, but since you seem keen on opening this topic on every public forum, i guess i need to respond to it on the same forum.

    Maria and calling others bullies, name a more inconic duo

    Gunners kicking the guy who used the russian market, its so pathetic, if you were not using techs to do res push and raise your hero xp by defending 200 attacks of one club, i would understand, but while you do all of this, you cant kick someone that do the same, i mean he learned from the best.

    so lets say gunners did that in order to picture themselves as clean, and playing a fair game, nobody buy that!

    So he used the russian market for res pushes, you are using tones of techs for res pushes, whats the difference?

    Reading rules may help you

    5. Sale/Purchase of game content

    Selling or buying an account, resources, units, villages, Gold, silver or services from third parties is forbidden. The offer to sell or buy game content for money is also forbidden. Accounts may not be given away in exchange for money.

    For early game settling focus you typically follow a cycle that does most of the task in a way that gives you res back for the building/task. After these try to focus more on cp and go crannies etc, if you want fast settles the limitation is usually cp.

    For rest of the game focus on simming cap primarly and throw parties etc to settle more vills for more fields, but remember that its easier to go more ress heavy than cp in the early game. Cp is harder to make worth if you dont balance it well.

    More ress=more cp later

    I would like to nominate Kelsier (vydel) from the donald trump account for all the things he contributed on com4 to make a great server for myself and others, even if we had to quit way to early for our liking due to personal issues, that run will always be remembered for me as one of the funniest runs ive had, from fun igms, to tweets on wallpaper to official forum post announcements, he was a legend when making them all.

    Will be missed.

    Check out some of our press-conferences here:

    [Official] Operation: Zachary Quinto [Classified] - LEAKED!

    [Official][Statement] The Downfall of {WN**} {August 4th, 2018}

    [Official][Press Conference] Declaring Party Affiliation {August 12th, 2018}

    Ive sadly not screenshotted the tweets that were made, but im sure some of you remember these.