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    Since the update last night the button for quest is irritating me very much... Why is this done?

    If you ask me: put it back under the villages list!!! Now i need to scroll a lot to switch villages.

    Turned out that the system reporting unknown lines wasn't properly working. Fixed it, hope to start gathering various names (including names of artefacts).

    tested: This is the result:

    "The defender was supported by the artefact: Array. "

    And i cant save the report anymore...

    "There was an error "

    (If there is no artefact i can still save it)


    With the last update you've renewed the design for upgrading buildings. It would be great if you show the culture points and total population generated by a building also if it reached its max. level.

    Current situation: (lvl 20 main building VS lvl 13 main building)

    Idea: (Special thanks to MSPAINT :p )

    (note: The culture points, population, building time are copied from lvl 13 main building. Its just for the idea... ;))

    I would love to hear your thoughts!