Posts by Debela Falanga

    Capital hammers on Pandora type servers are not that common. Of course, hammer villages and defense villages with high troops capacity never have enough granary space but it is manageable and makes game more interesting, imho.

    As for merge - this feature offsets it, I think. People who don't use (much) gold for merge will be able to cover the gap with gold whales.

    it is not a gap between common players and gold whales, it's a black hole that works async, it vacuums more regular players than gold whales, never to return again. some inovations where applied in regular worlds, that is why am I writing this. once upon a time it was possible to have a private life and play travian. if they want to speed up a game, than it would be fair to say it so that we can start searhing other similar games. otherwise, please read this and reconsider your latest changes that slowly transform standard servers into speed servers. when I started to play this game, single server (rs1) had more players then all servers together in balkan domain have right now. I think that this fact speaks for itself.

    one more new building to ruin the game. did you ever consider increasing granary and warehouse capacity? this new building will make it even harder to develop capital city. i play this game since 2009 with few breaks. there has been many good changes and as many, if not even more, bad changes. so plese consider increasing warehouse and granary capacity and slightly increasing training speed. and expel merging troops rule.