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    Raistlin did ET manage to merge the hammer somewhere else? or at least part of it? im sure 2-3k gold won´t be a matter of concern

    dunno ;) now im doing slaves ;) like a Mad hehehe

    i think i can stop now that army, but well also im now in deffensive mode,

    MAD vs TM its very closed "race"

    but i think PB would make a difference, they are allied with MAD so they can "hit and run" and also help to denied some regions..

    well time will say ;) but every acc counts now... and im getting out of gold hehehe ;) (dunno if i will buy new promo i spend many gold these server and i dont want to spend so many more... )

    Well i think a 120k-130k roman hammer cheifed ? Or maybe less if TM can clarify.

    120k-130k ;) wow

    if was so great why dont put that to deff??

    i mean if u "simulate" with that great off can easily deffend against the attacker off (and losse very few)

    dunno RiK ;) i think was a little "smaller" ;)

    i think the "worst" thing its Merge.

    i get crushed with 80k Clubswinger 18k Teutonic Knight. that only can be there be "merge" (him settled many time before and its impossible to make it in that time)

    other allied get crushed be a wall2wall town..... (i got always catapults and try to take down that town but was to far of me....)

    i think TM got a very good strategy and his leader (Enric) may do a interesting figth ;) but its need a good "gold amount" ;)

    well i continue "playing" but me 15c gets 4 times gets crushed.... but well.... i like to be "bob the constructor" ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Sucks you didn't crush your target....I'd particularly like to see that player demolished.

    me 2 hard to play against MAD

    they are good players and u need good conection.

    that player recently join MAD so i dont expected so many deff (me fail)

    i crush some of his villages, but after join MADs gets many deff and Artys.

    u are the best in COM

    But in HISPANO you are the worst, only spam in forum

    My english is great, dont comment plz

    im always the worst ;) but u even got notice ;)

    just lucky sometimes ;)

    ur english its ok ;) i do the farm list with many MADs but im Scared to send

    should u send it?? ;)

    And for a right reason. TM aka Twelve Monkeys never played a WW server. It does have a history on com regional map servers that goes to the very first of these which I am sure someone already mentioned to you. Total coincidence that you pick these two letters coming to this specific type of servers on this particular domain, no doubt. You made a choice though to stay under a known name instead of building your own and it is just that, your choice.


    well i played mostly "Hispanos" servers, also some Tournaments servers ;) and i never say that ;) its also very sad ;( our leader wants to star under the acronym of the VEST (not best plz) ally in the .com domain VEST (Very Experimented Super Trollers)

    i will have a very serius talk to Zeus, i will say to change our TAG to M@D so maybe we can be named be the other Best (now best) ally of server ;)

    greetings ;)

    Escila Farm ;)

    A little birdie told me that TM is already starting to search for the panic button. Reassessing its server strategy, looking for friends...little too late amigos.

    Panicking at having lost Ammon region, despite knowing what was coming.

    MAD for some reason has slowed down and TM has had time to build up too. At most I give this server another month to remain competitive.

    TM put "panic button" many time ago really ;)

    i mean im in that "copy ally"

    really man ;) MAD should settle a town/village/city (whatever really) next to me ;) Escila

    Escila its a good farm (very very good!! ñam ñam!! easy resources!!!)

    so i hope someday MADs search for Farms ;) and see Escilas|farms|villages ;)

    all action to the scary Zeus ;(;(;(

    Because this is English speaking part of the forums Killua Zaoldyeck_CL

    Kamikaze Enric_ES Such a coincide, very annoying I have to admit. Did it ever cross you mind after you learnt that accidentally you pick alliance tag with some history that you can change it? :)

    believe me ;) Enric its so annoying that he cant imagine TM was a Wonder Wonder ally ;)

    i mean CM, TM, CH, GG, GL, HF, SYN, MAD, TK, FK (a huge etc....) its all the best allys "ARAUND DA WOLD" (around the world but lets say in bad Spaninglish" )

    so i know u ELE are a bit new in TraBian but believe me all ... all Tags are already used no 1 or 2 o 3 times ;) (many more times)

    so dont be bother lets say TM now its a Farm ally ;) before was a Great ally ;)

    they settle netx to u because they know the true ;)

    u are a great farm ;)

    no MAD settle netx to me :( :(

    Escila ;) u can gogogo!! MAD ;) im too a very very good farm ;)

    Can someone tell Afrodita not to attack my village?:)

    He set between my villages and build pop to 600 up in few hours.:)

    I'm so afraid.:)

    Please don't catapult me that i'll so afraid that wet my pants.:)

    dont worry ;)

    Afrodita just pop up to give u a beautiful village ;)

    so do 1 chief and send it alone ;)

    dont be Afraid ;) just smile ;) ;) ;)

    What is MAD?

    What is TM???

    MAD its the best ally in the world. All players of .com domain and travian want to be mad

    tm is the worst ally in the world ;) all TM wants to get Free (like the song ) but zEus is a bad bad baad and if we quit he will take down our villages ;(

    holy crap?? a new food?