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    I accidentally voted no without fully reading, thinking that it was a "no, this is garbage"

    - Not being able to build anything in the MB slot except for the MB is not a good feature, and makes having level 19 crops before arties much more difficult, as well as post arties where most people demo their MB for something else, like a GG.
    - The building artwork is terrible and extremely hard to distinguish buildings apart from each other. There should be an option for old artwork/graphics
    - The aesthetic of the village interior/exterior is far too dark, but to compensate for this, they made the villages, link list, info box, etc far too white/bright.

    - Did I mention the buildings are hard to tell apart from each other?

    - Since our buildings shuffled around, we should have the option to relocate the buildings to spots of our choosing. I don't like the locations of some buildings now, but liked them where they were previously. All of my villages have buildings in the same location and I am picky about where they are.

    - A few have complained that the UI isn't good for migraines

    - A few have complained that the hero xp/hp are hard to read as it.

    (Personally I have no issue with the last two, just passing along thoughts)