I don't usually make it to the forum, but I just want to clear out a few things.

    Exodus didn’t put Exodus(DT) in that zone. Don’t give Emerik credit for that decision. DT wanted some more action and we wanted to be close to the boarder but not inside the grey area. So don’t put the blame on Exodus its was all the players in DT who made that call. We vote about things – Its call a democracy. We don’t put our fait in one players mastermind. We have 20 masterminds.

    You “cleaned the entire zone 30 days ago” – Yes you cleared some Capitals in you 5x5…because you had like 30 minuttes to some of our capitals an DT coulden’t get defence fast forward in time.

    On the other hand we would rather not put 40K deff troops in the capitals so the players in you 5x5 were locked down the entire server. We don't have tech farms and few have crops so we play a totally different game than others big alliance which have unlimited resources at their disposal.

    Personally, I did not think that justified much other than a okay. Any other offensive account would do the use same strategy and remove neighbors in the 5x5 range. But I will give you a bravo - so that you don’t lose respect among your followers… 8o

    You have even stated that you cleaned the whole zone but this is in my mind just pure ITA propaganda.

    Yes there is a lot free fields around your city 03 but have you not considered if it might be because ExodusDT has a buffer zone to your city and does not establish new cities in your 7x7 ?

    I admit it was a smart strategic move to place your city 03 in the middle of our safe zone – we didn’t se that coming. I will give you a real bravo for that move. :thumbup:

    Personally, I think ExodusDT has done an excellent job. ExodusDT have Conquered: 14 cities from ITA meta and lost 5.(according to GT)

    At the same time our players don’t give up and just keep on fighting against all odds..

    In fact, I thought you might be more respectful to DT and our morals and fighting spirit in the same way that we show your players respect for our mutual battle in ++

    and that good tone we have ingame msg.

    At last I will tell you a secret. DT don’t cry about our situation and destiny what ever coming our way. Because a true DT player never die! They only reload! :evil:

    See you on the battlefield and have a nice game <3

    /Ulrik aka Canis lupus DTexodus

    hi. can you share original reports?Interesting how many had defence from 8 accounts TUF

    It sounds a bit strange that you didn’t have any intentions to steal our diet artefact – because your diplomat made it crystal clear with a threat to TUF
    - “”I say you give us Large Diet for now (which is necessary for our WW atm) and see if we support you or not!””

    Your bully strategic was not being well received among our members so now you can pick the great diet up in another square…

    But TUF play a different strategic game and we really don’t care about WW plans. We just having fun playing qualification to Travian Finale and not SimCity or WW.

    Sorry we didn’t share our defense, but we need to protect our numbers .

    Finally just wan’t to let you know we will not surrender without a good fight :-) so happy hunting….