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    tested: This is the result:

    "The defender was supported by the artefact: Array. "

    And i cant save the report anymore...

    "There was an error "

    (If there is no artefact i can still save it)

    Could you please try again? Should work now. If not, please DM me a link to the original report (in the game).

    It will [mostly] be implemented.

    I actually thought about "editing". Quotes because it always creates a new copy, it's technically impossible to edit already created report.
    But it's nice to have, to be able to re-publish a report with different privacy settings, to exclude some reports, etc, but that requires some time.

    I think I'll implement picking a single report (there'd be a link field, which is updated when tabs are switched) this week.
    Other features will be added later.

    Turned out that the system reporting unknown lines wasn't properly working. Fixed it, hope to start gathering various names (including names of artefacts).

    UPD: Yes, it's working, already got reports about a unit name in RU and a building name in FR.

    14 messages and unit/building names in 7 languages discovered and corrected so far.

    Also I found out that there were many errors for Croatian & Czech

    kirilloid Would be more amazing if you managed to get the old look of travian reports, instead of ugly yellow & white report.

    Done, setting is remembered locally on computer/another device (actually, browser) and it's a setting for viewing, not for saving.

    So the setting doesn't change how reports are saved.

    Dear players, I'm proudly presenting you a new tool on my site, the logger!

    Many thanks to ELE, Ameno and other great people from Travian team for massive report links, thorough testing and creative ideas.


    • report links never expire
    • works with all languages supported by Travian*
    • accepts all battle type types: attack, raid, scan
    • stats summary
    • several reports per link (not more than 10–15 currently)
    • embedded links to combat simulator and off calculator
    • on top of that it works for Kingdoms, but please let's keep discussion on Kingdoms forum


    The current version isn't final, I'm going to add more features and I'd also be happy to hear ideas from you.

    • shortening links
    • more reports per group
    • automatically generated extra summary report for report groups


    There was a closed-beta phase, so most bugs are eliminated, but if you see some, please report

    • scouting defensive building report shows scouted buildings twice or displays "### build_lvl ###"

    With language support situation is as follows: some phrases displayed in info section, like "random target was selected" in some languages might be not recognized by the parser.

    They are automatically reported, though, and I will keep updating translations. So if some info line was discarded by the parser, it will be tracked by me in a couple of days, incorporated and start working.
    For rarely used languages like vietnamese this process might take some time since release.

    Removing barracks doesn't reset training queue for any player, but AFAIK Natars are not just bots, they are cheaters.

    They are not bound by conventional rules true for normal places. But, y'know, I think that's OK for a mysterious ancient tribe.

    First of all, Travian works on https so in order to make it work, you'll need to override certificate and technically expose you to risk.
    Secondly, Travian is regularly updated and you'll need to re-download all those files for every update. For example, currently root folder is 75b613b8 rather than d8b7ddd7.
    And the last thing: currently all requests comes with proper HTTP headers so they should be cached very well.
    Even on emulated "slow 3G" connection, browser spends a few seconds on the main HTML file and then instantly gets everything from cache.
    Are you sure you haven't messed with browser settings?

    Kirill and I collected data for it, and he believes the formula is something like:

    15*(number of full days since start)*random(10,30)

    Yeah, saw this thread, tried to find my Excel spreadsheet with numbers, but it seems it's lost =(
    Could you please send me your spreadsheet once again if you still have it?
    I also remember numbers to be something like that.

    It was, indeed, inspired by @kirilloid, though not completely identical and actually has bigger plans behind that. Pictures are also a bit outdated, but the new ones are coming already tomorrow, so, I hope, we can survive with that. :)

    Actually, the story is a little more complex than "they copied my design". Let's consider for example, horizontal layout. Yes, I did it much earlier than TG. In Travian. The devil-in-details thing is that several years ago there was a game by TG in similar genre: "Imperion". And they had horizontal layout in their combat simulator even before I did that. But I have been thinking about that idea even before Imperion appeared to public... y'know, when it's your part-time pet-project, you have a lot of time to think about it, but little time to actually implement something.
    So the idea was "in the air" since ... always.
    Other [similarly looking] ideas are also just one of a few ways to apply design principles. Catapult target levels just under catapult number input? It's just gestalt proximity principle.
    By no means I'm a professional designer, though. So it's appealing, [presumably professional designers in] TG did it the same way, like: "Yay! I can [sometimes] do just as professional designers" =)

    So I'm happy with those changes.

    For some reason though after you change you cap and build a level 1 HM in it they still spawn for some time around he spawn (with no hero mansion). I find if you build a level 1 HM and demolish it then it's stops this from happening

    I'm not completely sure I understood.
    So you mean there's a bug and steps to reproduce are as follows:

    • move the capital from some village (w/o hero mansion)

    Expected result: adventures should stop spawning around this village
    Actual result: adventures continue spawning around the village which is no longer capital nor it has hero mansion.

    Workaround: build HM and demolish it in the village, which was the capital.

    As for the part "for some time", it seems that currently instead of instant update, game has a script, which regularly (daily?) goes through all villages and fixes this thing. This might mean that the bug is known to TG, but they fixed it with the script. But the whole thing about regular checks might be far-fetched.

    So you might want to report the bug via in-game support. Consider using "my" template: steps to reproduce, expected result, actual result. That's how errors are described formally in any software development )

    Nice calc. I mean, interface is not super-beautiful, but it's clean and highlighting with bold is really aptly put.
    What is missing is non-crop and mixed oases. Also I'd collapse multiple lines like: "Step 1:Upgrade a crop field to level 1."
    On top of that I want to add waterworks.

    And of course, one site to rule them all so I'm going to create it anyway )

    Rough estimations show that army loss costs are definitely < 100k, and Hero Mansion levels 1–10 costs > 1000k, so yes, we can ignore army loss costs.

    Added throughoutput to my previous post with maxed Trade Office.
    Even though it's I'd say never maxed in every village, it gives some perspective.
    And actually yes, it's mostly for Romans, cause all other tribes get the same +10% / level.

    Hero Mansion is also not very cheap and its cost should be considered.

    I'm working on a calculator for comparing of ROI for fields/factories and hero mansion, but it's hard to take resource cost of the army into account in a clever way.

    It seems that there will be a simple text input for total troops cost and calculating resource losses would need to be performed separately in combat simulator.