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    The funny thing is that she doesn’t have any access to the server, past simply creating an account 😅 She is a chaser, and has been following us for more than a year now, making enemies with our leader Tarantul.

    In essence, harmless, but acts like she knows everything and everyone. Always making “predictions” without significant basis to them, which often end up wrong :D More of an annoyance than an actual threat, but an annoyance indeed.

    ok ok just don't cry, i'm bad, chasing you such amazing cuties...but still i don't know everything, only what i know, nothing more and i don't force you to accept my posts as a guide to action ... they say that peppermint tea copes with irritation well just as and dislikes...but you prefer tea, isn't it, Mr.Tea ;)

    Marusja besides principals there are also a few objective measures which i am not sure you follow, i don't know how much access you have to the server. Obviously not all log have been posted here.

    well, apparently, i was also overcome by emotions, don’t pay attention, the end of the server is tense which i have not seen on the last servers ... ofc i may not know something, i’m not the ultimate truth i also didn't expect such a striptease at the end, but the main thing is not my words but your actions GL

    if you have the opportunity to overtake Web by points then each of the first three alliances can go its own way ... otherwise Web will win ... in principle, i understand your distrust, but nonetheless...

    wow web players don't agree with the rules about the logs, well then why didn’t you show defensive troops in this log

    ... after all, it’s about defensive that the enemy did not see or you can’t open information in your log it's very important but others must open it in their logs ... hypocrisy as for me

    damn, plz deal with this you can’t fuss when a few miles are left ... but if you want to give the victory to Web you can go drinking beer right now ... it seems that web players are allergic to me although i don't troll them as hard as MindFreak is trolling Bedlam .... i even praise them and predict their victory ... very capricious these Russians ... ok so that they don’t relax we will remind them of fair play ... even if they win

    btw about cosplay ... Kazakh, you probably swear a lot when you see druids in defense, because you proved to me with calculations they aren't very good especially against clubbies:)

    according to the unwritten rules of Travian if attacker doesn't see def then log posted without def, full log is posted only at the wish of defender...if the attacker sees def then log is posted completely

    so so Web is trying to overtake THC on points and went to bring down pop in fat Philippopolis using the tactic 'to attack top player and take vills away from the humble unsuspecting' ... that's where steppe riders ran away .... well, Ancyra and Theodosia prevent spiders from sleeping ... it is strange that they did not attack some distant and forgotten Rusadir

    well thanks Aurora and THC for keeping the intrigue to the end, think that in such circumstances you need to stay

    Have something to say about this...

    So im making a public announcement, change your mind, assume your public announcement was a mistake! we will help more, I will take care of defense, and do a lousy job at it, and you can then kick me so that I can finally join Heathens which I still think is the team who will win this server

    bravo i like diehard people though the stupid and arrogant might think this supposition is folly

    hm.. Heathens..they now need to be attentive to their NE regions especially when there come web players and if you can't answer them with a fight then populate these regions as crazy and defensive them

    it seems my forecast for the results of CV servers came true regarding :) as for i don't believe Web will give anyone a victory and make my forecast wrong, especially since Web doesn't have many victories to scatter them and it's not worth it telling jokes that you came here only to not let Bedlam win, you have not played with them before, so revenge is a weak version

    PS. it seems Jiio is Coffee known at all ru-forums for his hysterical dislikes;)

    This is first competitive server for you, but it is not first for us and we prefer it this way. You "superior" questionable tactics have not brought you easy win and looks like you are becoming THC lapdog, interesting twist.

    if you look statistics of five slow from the beginning of this version of Travian(2014) Web played four of them and won only previous, having really strong team of players...afaik speed servers play only a few web players as part of other alliances, since i try to be objective in my posts, for all this time they played very worthily, actively and have never been outsiders...but under the name of Web they won one single time, this is about the competition that Web met only on com.server :)

    as for lapdog ... Web cannot lose this server, so as not to screw up in front of as a current winner ... i’m not sure that Web will take away the regions from THC, sooner from Bedlam, but it needs to be calculated exactly, if all the same Web concedes victory of THC only so that Bedlam won't win, then i totally agree with the great Sun Tzu quoted by Aurora

    'The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting'

    'The greatest victory is that which requires no battle'.

    -Sun Tzu-

    then what for are all your hammers and anvils, all your coordination if you don't win...that is "we fought like lions but lost to a weaker team and when someone say that we lost it's jast a lie trash not true garbage we fought like lions"...just funny, how can say that the level of our game is much higher than level of all top alliances on this server and be a step away from losing, more faith by Bedlam they honestly said that they don't regard the game as job

    I won't be surprised if web players express their deep discontent with my post, apparently some of them can only perceive flattery, everything else desperately annoys them...Муля, не нервируй меня (c) Mulya don't make me nervous^^

    MindFreak_LT you want creativity but you're also behaving stereotyped tbh it can be said about any actively posting here, naturally and about me:P ... it's just life and human emotions and this is typical for all servers on any topic except the most boring and tedious...don't be angry just smile:)

    biorobots - look, you say that Hedgehogs are the vegetables and they built houses but exactly vegetables won the round while you were fighting Wolves, it means that you missed something in your strategy, not they, they won and yes, losers usually say that winners are just bottom compared to them ... if we assume that this round will win THC, while you are fighting with Bedlam, who would be to blame for your loss, THC? ... I wrote no lies in my post, you lost that round to Hedgehogs is a fact, you won other round under common name Bears, not Web is a fact and let you had your own reasons for this, they don't cancel facts themselves and the meaning of my post was that Web also was losing rounds in due time until it learned to win and that's not a lie

    and let's finally finish this stupid discussion about past times

    Hiya. I know but now is going Codex V, last round was PtPx2 ;) and yea, i remember what you were doing there bullies ;(:) tbh the coordination was in last place in our meta, so the loss was inevitable as well as the end of the round...but it would be interesting if Hell and Kazah played against each other instead of together

    Ciao Happy Christmas and new year:)

    Tarantul (Паук)_RU

    just a burning chair :) relax, no one is going to take away from your ally any of its merits...but all that concerns Web in my previous post confirmed by statistics and you whether this not know... why you not played under your name this your matter, as this was perceived by other this their matter and stop acting like a forum moderator, i write what i consider necessary as and everyone users and not give personally you no advices what write and how ...and actually a question was asked can a coordinated team win without top players

    if you don’t have an answer ... this is also a kind of answer :)

    and plz write in English, respect the community


    to my regret, Wolves didn't win that round :( I'm not going to stir up old and for someone painful stories in detail, this is a past drama of ru-forums... CV com has its own stories

    ELE your are a good player,but like i told in the begining of the server kazah is one of the best players i know playing this vs.

    I think you can learn whit what him and his team have to show this round.

    I’m not sure that WINter would have lost to Web, because their leader Hell is well versed in sharing tactics and they are all right with coordination ... Web once played against a really strong team Ежи (Hedgehogs) Web lost, although Kazah did not play then .... after losing, Web was afraid to play under its own name and became winners of the round as a part of meta Медведи (Bears) later Web played with young and not very experienced teams, most of their players were taken from the map ... so, it turns out, remove Kazah from the team and Web will lose to a strong team?

    as for gold, there should be no complaints, this is the rule of the game, everyone spends as much as he wants, but the fact that gold can make the game very comfortable and sometimes just save the player or give him a very serious head start on comparing with others is beyond any doubt ... therefore, everyone should understand their reality: a player without gold cannot achieve serious achievements ... a player with gold cannot say that his achievements are only his unique skill ... each made his own choice

    as far as i understood from the drama on ru-forum, oasis bug was clearly defined as a violation if farm attacks occurred at short intervals by large farm troops... if resources were taken in small amounts then accordingly this wasn't considered as intentional use of bug

    imo, Web began or rather continues operation "boots" against Bedlam... well, it's quite logical to deprive the enemy of speed, one of the main arty and apparently Bedlam decided to answer by counter-operation, not would be surprised if in Iconium near bedlam's vills there is a ready-made def-hub of Web to def their attacker, who and will try to destroy or chiefed this fine spawn of Bedlam...yea, interesting situation

    Olisipo and EA, well i still think that Bedlam needed to move towards Spain from the very beginning and not go to NW especially since SW isn't inferior in terms of arty or VP...but if THC will win server while Bedlam and Web are fighting each other, well then can be will say that won diplomacy...although i for sure like their actions in Emporiae :)

    Still having hammers = you guys are too scared to use them or unable to coordinate attacks properly, cmon server goes like 3 months or so and still logs were just on deff and on attack you all played really bad or managed to attack random people on map with your 'big hammers', what can you show? Probly nothing.

    btw, some attackers think that defenders have many advantages in this game, i don't say that need to play exclusively from defense, but competent defense can eat any attacker ... unpretentious example, i not so long ago fought with neighbor for oasis 50% crop ... i'm gall-defender, he's attacker-roman ... as a result, the oasis remained for my 15, attacker lost interest in the game, cuz lost all troops

    Yes, everything is much more interesting here :) it turns out THC collects unique arty, then maybe Web will give them Зав (unique trainer) ... well, for the collection8o


    All right. Before starting the war we got: The eagles slight eyes, Slight storage masterplan, The eagles slight eyes. We drove into the regions with VP, since there were 15 + 150%, this was a priority. And then we also collected the missing artifacts. Then they started to fight

    last ru.server you took 15c in regions with necessary arty, and only after taking almost all unique arty and build up troops, went to take VP regions from other allies, i.e. applied arty strategy... at the beginning of this server you didn’t even have boots, but you still started a fight for VP regions with a very modest set of arty and you managed to break away from your opponents quite strongly, although they were in a more comfortable neighborhood, but at this frivolously treated to the capture of VP regions, not completely populating Spain at right time and now they are paying for it turns out that VP strategy rules...btw, why don't TH give you Гелю (unique boots) what for is it them if aren't fighting for victory8o

    some actions on the server always looks good, whom wouldn't thrashed...seems web hammers oh pardon web farm troops stumbled upon bedlam wall, only it’s not clear why farming with catas...i see that at all attackers built hospitals, well so farming will continue:)

    Interesting, TH themselves decided to build vills in the region with unique diet, or at the hint of older brother, based on the time of their settlement ... not bad idea, despite the fact that the older brother didn't even try to take this region of his backyard, well, just only 10 VP, can be feed troops and with small diet not bad, though for this they had to trudge in Korduba, but someday they need to touch Bedlam after all, not in the habits of Web stupid to play simsiti ... and here immediately question why on this server Web is so clinging to the strategy of capturing regions focusing on VP, though I remember the head of this ally told that is a wrong strategy and need capture first of all regions with the necessary artifacts, to was easy to fight, and criticized for VP strategy of their previous opponents and I was so impressed by stories the head of Web and fully supported him, but now Bedlam has to make great efforts to catch up with them on VP turns out that fathers-commanders say one thing today and do other tomorrow and trust them after that...whether boots will help to catch up the opponent on victory points:)

    P/S specially for Volodya(Tarantul) - all that I wrote in this post is my humble very humble opinion lol

    Well, if Web went in Spain, then its actions shouldn't in theory surprise the enemy ... maybe it was necessary to react earlier, when everything had just begun in this part of the map;)'s clear that talking and fighting are different things, but still

    Kazah is an ill-mannered young man, but he doesn't like indistinctly worked out attacks and here it's hard to disagree with him...though it is necessary to recognize that failes happen at all, even at excellent players and Kazah not an exception....publish logs need despite criticism, although would from respect to your fans, so that chin up, Bedlam!

    ... express your thoughts, but do not give out your thoughts about what is happening on the server, for reality.

    Volodya, in what did I distort the reality of the situation on the server? isn't your alliance trying to conquer the regions of Spain and Africa? didn't your player post information about this kindly? Or maybe I'm guilty of knowing how to use Getter-Tools? and yes, I express only my thoughts, not someone else's, on this indicates IMHO at the end of my previous post :rolleyes:

    As a player who has achieved little with the teams in which he played, he cannot write in the affirmative about events that occur in the game.

    you apparently "accidentally" forgot, that on last my alliance missed forward only your alliance:) on PtPx2 where Web not played, but I had to deal with some web players, when they no avail tried to chiefied my village despite the that who the there dabbled even passwords or you think that all must be deaf and blind ahahaha

    PS: this applies to all who are reasoning in this style.

    each discusses in his own style, for example, like you or me or someone else... it is impossible to make the forum ppl discuss in one style despite the fact that you may really like it and it does not depend on your or my achievements in the game, you confuse the player’s authority and freedom of speech ... you can’t force someone to forcibly listen to some opinion, this happens voluntarily, the opportunity to freely express your opinion gives people the joy of communication and we can do it wich respect for each other with humor and diversity