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The applications for the 🔥 Legends on Tour 2020 - Summit 🔥 are open.

If you think you would be a good fit to represent one of these communities Anglosphere, Balkans, France, Germany, International COM, Italy, Lusobrasilero or Russia, read all the details and submit your application.

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    LOL, then you don't know Jacksparrow.

    I'm just a guy with a big mouth and a tiny d*ck. The real danger is there :(

    fair enough, i am just an old leader with no followers, so basically just a man out for a walk.

    Personally, I like to use the sword, shield and my mind. So hammers, anvils as well as intellegence gathering. Kind of like how a real military operates. And sure you can win without spies, but try going up against skilled veteran teams by just whacking them with sticks, and sorry highly unlikely to be a winning plan.

    Okay, a lot of people complaining about doing the very things their own alliances do. Every alliance I have ever been in, has had spies working for us and spies working against us. Every server, every time, many people turn a blind eye to their side when they spy but take some moral grand stand against the other side that spies. Spying, planting traitors in other alliances are all very much a part of the game. Any idea of some pure red team versus blue team in a long term strategic war game is just niave. Now i know a lot of people are going to say, I never condoned spying in my alliance, lie to yourselves if you must, but dont expect anyone that has any experience to humor you. And if you truly dont use spies, you will be crushed, end of story.

    Their is truth i used the propoganda to rally people best i could, once it became obvious that TEN was never going to have enough WWK/Rs to make an independant go at it, we had no choice but to ally with SGR to give our people the best chance we could.

    No what caused most of TEN and lowlands to delete was the endless nonsense from all sides about cheating, when everyone cheats. The environment was so toxic that it just wasnt fun for far too many of my allies. So instead of a solid fight what you ended up with is a skeleton crew trying to run a really big ship. However, I give credit to vices for be such formidable opponents. Truly well done, and well earned, yall came to win, and you did. I just wanted TEN to go out with something like dignity.

    As the TEN offensive leader now that the server is basically over I am going to give my thoughts on the server, and villians in general. First off, TEN came into this server as the clear 3rd power, too weak to win alone but strong enough to perhaps sway the server one way or the other. As i stated before, we in TEN realised this very early on, and we made diplomatic approaches to both sides. SGR, was willing to listen, VIllians was not. Even though we in TEN, and my counterpart in SGR offensive role is an old enemy, we made a deal. Even when war at that time was likely and being planned to face off against Wolf throne which we knew would lead to a major engagement. I know because we were planning it, but villians was not willing to even hear us out. So we had, as far as TEN, no option but to work with SGR. So those of you in villians, that is very much on you.

    If I was the leader of villians, I would have first tried to use TEN as a cudgel against SGR, or at the least to keep us apart. Yall did nothing like this, so it was clear, there was no in depth strategic planning going on there other than, we can beat them doesnt matter type of thought process. If I was the leader of villians and i could not prevent sgr and ten from working together, I would have used Operation hammers to pick off TEN players, while pinning SGR troops in place with sustained fakes. With the idea of being taking apart the the weaker of the two allies and causing a general lack of faith in the leadership of TEN thus rendering them ineffective as a rival. Yall do not do this, nor did you try the opposite and try and weaken SGRs position with sustained attacks while pinning TEN defense in place. Thus weakening SGR while driving a wedge between TEN and SGR.

    Remember, at no point in this server were your players ever weaker man to man to ours. Always your players, were stronger, and the majority more experienced. Yet you never once used this advantage, and that blows my mind. All you had to do was take the initiative, with a sustained campaign against the weaker alliance, TEN, the one I am in, and your odds of victory would be extremely high, as we could never stop a sustained week after week campaign attacks against random players or targets. As like every alliance,we would protect our most important assets and gamble with the loss of our average players.

    Instead, you did nothing, you let us attack again and again, and you did not even launch somewhat coordinated fakes against us to try and pin us down. Anyone that has had to deal with constant incoming fake or real, knows it is stressful, it strains things. You did nothing. I have personally hit over 20 of your alliances accounts, and to date, I have been faked by a total of 5 waves. My attackers which have now hit many accounts, were never once faked in a coordinated way. We just attacked again and again and even though your defense for most of the server was impressive, we never had the initiative taken away from us as we were never threatened. This is the first server I have ever played that i have never been attacked, almost all of my allies, were never attacked this server. This is unforgiveable.

    When you did launch your one and only major operation, you decided that is was wise to use almost all of your operational hammers to hit one target. Had it have succeeded you would have taken out one major SGR asset, not enough to change the course of the server but it would have helped. However, if it had failed the loss would be utterly devastating. Had any of my guys offered such a plan, I guarantee the answer would have been an overwelming no, as the cost analysis demands nothing less than that. To win that fight gets me a marginal advantage but to lose it means I can never force my enemies to divide their strength again as I would have no strength left as an offensive leader to force that decision on my enemies. This was an unforgivable mistake. Whoever ordered that, and convinced a bunch of high quality veteran players to do this, does not deserve your trust any longer simple as that.

    So in end, villians were very much the overwelming favorites to win this server, but for whatever reason, you decided to do absolutely none of the things that would have insured your victory. You did not pressure and seperate your enemies, you did not try and play your enemies off against each other, you did not take out your weaker enemy while pinning your powerful enemy, you did not try and sow disunion in your enemies ranks, and when you did attack you picked the one possible attack plan that could lead to utter catastrophe for marginal gains in the strategic terms, leaving you no further options for later on. You spent months building outstanding accounts to never use them, save your WWKs and WWRs which were impressive. You had all the pieces you needed, but none of you used them together as one. There is no excuse but to look in the mirror and put the blame exactly where it belongs, yourselves.

    Say you are right, lets say SGR was wise enough to plant a spy in your meta from day 1, is that any worse than recruiting spies in another quad to use them to spy? Or is that good planning, to me, that is a smart move. A move like that is while very cloak and dagger, is very much a part of the game and you well know it.

    As far as those that we turned from your side to ours, you also know it, and you know who. If you insist think about those in the gray zone, and players they sat in TEN. Can any veteran leader in this game, honestly say they have never read reports of spies, sat an account in a rival alliance, studied their enemies online times, no they cannot.

    Are we imperious to spies, to plants, no of course not, but who has turned on us? In 2 servers of playing with ten we have had 1 traitor, we destroyed him. He went by the IGN of destroyer. This server no one has turned on us that i know of. But team spirit by leading your players and giving them wins does have a positive effect on morale. People that get to take a part in taking the fight to the enemy tends to build loyalty. It is fun to blow people up, though i can honestly say the defenses of villians were the best i have ever seen. I mean that.

    Do i feel cheated by your side doing nothing offensively, no i do not, playing pure defense is a strategy, quite passive, but it is very much a legit strategy.

    Truth be told, we reached out to villians early in the server, I know this because i personally did it, 3 times. Each time they would not even respond. SGR on the other hand, was willing to talk with us, the strategic situation for us in TEN was simple. Your team as well as SGR outnumbered us and more importantly, was willing to significantly outspend us. Think about that. Though many in SGR ranks and leadership were old enemies we have faced before, they willing to talk, because they were willing to look at the situation from a grand strategic point of view. We talked for a long time, and we grew to respect them, as they have respected us. Even when I personally took down your leader, even then your leaders were not willing to talk, when it was clear we were a viable threat. You refuse to talk to your rivals to try and make them your allies, even to use them as a meat shield, that is arrogance and blindness. So you want someone to blame, look to yourselves.

    Then you do not understand warfare. You think your leaders did not have spies in our ranks, they did, we turned them. It sucks when it happens to you, i get that, but deception, spying, betrayal is all part of it. Pure blue team versus red team is fantasy, nothing more. As far as your first coordinated offensive happening on day 216, you think that does not have an effect on players, you think people do not get bored to tears with a pure defensive strategy? People follow those that lead from the front, that is why you will see no betrayal in ten, because we fight with our people, our first offensive was on june 6th, our second june 29th, in fact we launched 10 coordinated attacks before artifacts, that is fun, that is worth sticking around for. I hope you join a team that you can experience the full potential of the game, it can be a lot more entertaining I assure you.

    You missed quite a few reports actually. Then again, we missed any form of retaliation or offensive direction from your side. All we have seen is the ability to move druids around and swipe credit cards.