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    Lots of crying and baseless speculation going on here. I will say this, since a lot of trash was talked about TEN. You understand the maria you are talking about being poorly lead and let down by her leaders is in fact being dualed by one of those lousy useless over the hill leaders. So please, if you want to try and spout propoganda, come directly at me, not my people. You say we cannot compete, well our record kind of shuts that down. You dont like that we use warfare and diplomacy to maximize our peoples chances of winning. Well to you I say you are no leader, at least not one that should be followed. A real leader evaluates the situation and makes the best decision based upon the facts, nothing else.

    Snake Plissken, com2 TEN leadership.

    Concerning World Wonders.

    The key to developing a successful world wonder comes down to one thing, logisitics. Whomever in your team is going to build the world wonder needs to be decided upon within the first 2 weeks of the start of the server. If not before the server starts itself. Take the WW itself early, we prefer to take it within a few weeks after the artifacts themselves are released.

    The key is to start deployment of support cities around the WW early. I like to have basically one out ever five of my allies cities to be for WW support. Then in turn assign each player a time marker. So player A uses their supply city to send on the hour every hour at 00, player B 01 all the way to 59. then repeat the process. This way you have a constant uninterrupted supply heading constantly into the WW itself. In the WW itself, if you build a trade office, you can in turn ship out up to 1.25 million clay wood and iron an hour from the WW to your NPC city and turn them into wheat then sent back to the WW. therefore you can easily maintain a very powerful garrison in the WW as well as a fairly secure location for some of your allies endgame hammers.

    The WW holders account should be developed all within 20 tiles of the WW itself. The WW account should be almost entirely defensive in nature and a tueton account do to their superior walls. Slowly but surely develop all the account holders cities to mass produce spearmen, and as soon as practical begin mass spear production. This way you have many anvils to play with. This way in time you will have several hundred thousand spearmen that can be moved to defend your capital, your artifact, construction plans or WW or split up to defend all of them if necessary very quickly. then can be sent back to the WW itself for storage. Doing this my team has the ability to move half a million troops where needed in 2 hours or less. Far faster than any enemy hammer or ghost can arrive to try and ruin your teams endgame chances. So provided you have decent allied standing defenses at key locations your WW accounts anvils can go where needed and greatly bolster the garrisons, basically a force multipier.

    So now you guys resort to using fraud to try and steal peoples passwords, seriously? how about you try and talk this kids into giving you credit card information while you at it. and you have the audacity to complain because we ourplayed you in a game, so now you resort to blatant cheating, getting passwords so you can suicide these kids troops. Never again speak of honor, fairness, or any such tropes. You have truly sunk to a level i have not seen in years.

    Wow, here is a piece of free advice for you. You are in charge of GoW, not me, not Gunners, you. Instead of trying to pass the blame and say the whole server is mean to me, perhaps you should rethink your approach. You doomed your team because of your actions alone, be big enough to own it.

    LOL, then you don't know Jacksparrow.

    I'm just a guy with a big mouth and a tiny d*ck. The real danger is there :(

    fair enough, i am just an old leader with no followers, so basically just a man out for a walk.

    Personally, I like to use the sword, shield and my mind. So hammers, anvils as well as intellegence gathering. Kind of like how a real military operates. And sure you can win without spies, but try going up against skilled veteran teams by just whacking them with sticks, and sorry highly unlikely to be a winning plan.

    Okay, a lot of people complaining about doing the very things their own alliances do. Every alliance I have ever been in, has had spies working for us and spies working against us. Every server, every time, many people turn a blind eye to their side when they spy but take some moral grand stand against the other side that spies. Spying, planting traitors in other alliances are all very much a part of the game. Any idea of some pure red team versus blue team in a long term strategic war game is just niave. Now i know a lot of people are going to say, I never condoned spying in my alliance, lie to yourselves if you must, but dont expect anyone that has any experience to humor you. And if you truly dont use spies, you will be crushed, end of story.

    Their is truth i used the propoganda to rally people best i could, once it became obvious that TEN was never going to have enough WWK/Rs to make an independant go at it, we had no choice but to ally with SGR to give our people the best chance we could.

    No what caused most of TEN and lowlands to delete was the endless nonsense from all sides about cheating, when everyone cheats. The environment was so toxic that it just wasnt fun for far too many of my allies. So instead of a solid fight what you ended up with is a skeleton crew trying to run a really big ship. However, I give credit to vices for be such formidable opponents. Truly well done, and well earned, yall came to win, and you did. I just wanted TEN to go out with something like dignity.