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    Teehee :) Look at that, an honourable mention at last, followed by an extensive analysis and breakdown of the costs. Reasons enough to finally see if my account was still in place here (which is obviously wasn't, hence the new profile :) ).

    Yes, we did consider the possibility of there being a def-wall, and yes, we also hoped that it would not be the case. Good job in setting up a wall at the appropriate location (something we seem to be failing at...) I am not going to defend any of my fellow (possibly underaged) beer drinkers as there are no arguments to support such claims. So far SC has caused some serious damage and havoc to us, the reports don't lie. Hopefully we are all having fun still (in one way or another). I for one am truly disappointed that we haven't managed to get 50% in EPI yet, can't deny that. Would love to see my mercenaries cross the Adriatic Sea some time. Italy is a beautiful country.

    Keep up the good work all, no need for all the hostility (unless it's in game of course)