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    Listen up OnePiece, if you were worth a damn you'd help sink Mads with everyone else. But instead, we gotta waste time running your sorry asses into the ground until you finally delete like Raven, vskiller, etc. Any OP members wanna come on here and dispute this?

    Well once they see that we are stripping regions off of Mad (pretty easily too) every single day, they might do something too. Mads are a paper tiger kinda like how Syn was and OnePiece are. Maybe PB is too. :)

    Anyways, we're gonna take as many Mad villas and regions as we can before the server ends. If anyone wants to join in it is open season on them.

    PB, you wanna win then take Mad VP regions over starting at the top of the list. We are working bottom up. That's the only way you'll win and deserve a win on this server. Or did any of you remember to make offense?

    Why don't you hit PB? Or did you lose all of your offense splatting on Absolution (along with those massive stacks that CoolJim and Lucifer sent to them)? Almost 12K catas just wiped 30 something waves many with 400 and 900 catas in them. So genius. More catas than brain cells they had apparently.

    So still no upside for TKW to bring Syn along. You guys didn't even last that long (a month lmao). Then you got these other alliances we tried to merge with but wanted us to buy their gold and other nonsense like that, so for disrespecting us like that we destroyed them instead. But yeah as far as the talent on this server, it was lacking all around. It's why you get the top 2 alliances on it cheating to get a leg up on players that have actual skills in the game. Mad, you cheated and will always be known as cheaters for what you were allowed to do here. Next server my regular team sees you on you won't last long on it. We'll make sure we get rid of you early.

    Syn tried to join TKW? Was this before or after you guys tried to start a war with us at the beginning? Also, why would we bring Syn along with us if they start a war with us and after they quit the server within the first few weeks of it? PB would be a better option for us and if what sakku says is correct; they are garbage. What would have been the upside to bringing Syn along? Please enlighten us.

    So look for more evidence after you take 10 of Mads villas on a spur of the moment sort of OP over the weekend. Here is some:

    Notice how they are all RAIDS (my whole team has these same attacks the same intervals apart as well as all RAIDS (blatant script use) ****ADMIN**** here look into this immediately. They should all be DISQUALIFIED this round. The whole server STOPPED. ALL of us that wasted gold on this round given our gold back and the server restarted in a week or so so we can play a straight up game and not one where CHEATERS are allowed to CHEAT and thrive this long on it. And also, NO GEORGI as MH ever again.

    Also, to anyone from Syn that wants to help file a class action suit against TG (if it gets to that because of their ineptitude and greed) let me know. PM me.

    And sorry for the double-post, but thought this needed immediate attention.

    This server was absolute garbage. Much of it stems from the admin screwing up the map and allowing rampant bot and script use. Why would they allow the server to continue after they screwed up the map like that? Anyone with a brain would have refunded everyone's money they spent so far and reset the server, give people 2-3 days notice when the server would reset and do it, plus you get rid of the obvious cheats in that time too. So because of them allowing half a map, you have multi-accounting/bot farm CHEATS like Mad and TM gobbling up the few 150% croppers left on the map. Then when you allow them to continue cheating, the rest that aren't cheating (even the best players) can't compete when the game is rigged. So for Travians greed they throw all the integrity of it out the window. So screw Travian Games, screw Georgi the corrupt or at least inept MH, and screw all of you who congratulated cheaters for "winning". I won't waste anymore money or time on this server. Nobody won here. Mad should have a big asterisk by their name with a disqualified next to it. TM shouldn't win either, nor should PB (who as far as I know did no fighting or anything significant at all this round). They really should just pull the plug on it now and give us all 1000 gold for the next round we play to somewhat make up for it. Everyone except the cheaters, of course.

    And before you delete this post forum mod (like you do with all my other posts when others post the same thing), this is what the whole thread is about; the allowing of cheating at such a big level it is unbelievable to me how the MH could not see it and did nothing to stop it.

    Not really. Frozen keeps posting even though their alliance is done and she claims she isn't playing anymore. And in game, the fighting continues. So more fun and fighting to be had here and in game.

    So what happened to Syn in Salona? They thought 55% was good enough and then had to fight and waste time on it and got it to almost 60% and now Mad is at 56%+ and Syn is down to 17%. This happened in like a week or two. Did Mad move in and chief and demolish your villas there?