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    Mad is cheating. It is obvious to anyone with eyes that knows this game. We should all unite in taking them off the server before they have a chance to cheat for a win here. Travian Games doesn't seem to care about the integrity of their game enough to do anything about it.

    And with the amount of money the LSDG account been spending, not out of the question some MH bribery going on too. How in the hell did LSDG get unbanned on here anyhow?

    Maybe this is the new direction they want to push Travian into now. Utter corruption in game and snow flake forum where you can't "insult" people, yet they can insult you and not get banned.

    And before this post inevitably gets removed too, I will end with this: The truth hurts, don't it?

    Damdida, we were never loyal to Syn. We were there for a week or two and that was all that was needed to show us you guys aren't worth playing with because you have a fool for a leader. And besides, who are you anyhow? You guys know who we are. If you don't you'll be finding out when you see your alliance villas go boom and poof all over the place. Not to mention the desperation your alliance is in now making farm and extra target wings. That is a great thing for us, makes it easier to add to the farms list.

    Also, smoke is an old legend who could wipe the floor with you. And with Midsie and No Mercy and me, you are toast. Send me your ign in a pm if you're too scared to post it here.

    Frozen, all that experience you'd think you actually know how to play or lead. But no. What did you win, an Aussie server with no one else on it? You are lying again. Since 9? That is nonsense. Where did you get gold from?

    And one more thing, why are people so adamant to defend Frozen here, it is like a brainwashed cult or something.

    And since I am not one to double post, can PB come here and shine some light on what Frozen did for you to boot her?

    OMG, you are going for great storage before small. See, this is what I am talking about, Frozen. You are doing things backwards. Your alliance should be mutinying once they find out they need small storage for a level 20 TC. :facepalm:

    And no, TKW and us make a perfect match. They actually run a diplomatic and democratic alliance. Not a Trumplike dictatorship with a numbskull at the top. You guys wanna talk about teamwork. lmao

    But just keep blaming others and lying about things, and you'll fail.

    Until midserver. haha I am not you. Ask PB about their little debacle with you before. Drama queen much. :)

    We'll be winning this server instead, damdida. TKW is our alliance. Come at us, bro.

    We already took Syn off of Salona. We'll move into any region and take it from them too. You'll see, if you are on this server.

    Oh, and Frozen this is mild as far as trolling goes in comparison to how things used to be. Now the forums are dead. They should be praising me and my precious ego for actually putting something on here besides more banality.

    PS Mommy approved this post before I sent it. ;)

    That was a server that just ended, it goes to a credibility issue with your top leader. You wanna talk about this server, we can do that too. Been doing it, in fact.

    Not to mention the lying about past accomplishments and previous servers. That's why previous servers are also important to gauge people on.

    Go back to losing Salona. And whatever other regions we grab from you. You know we will too.

    REDACTED You guys had names like bot69, bot77, stuff like that on the beta. It was an alliance that was in freefall until you merged with IDTS for the win and just simmed. No fighting. No balls at all while we fought everyone and had double the amount of attack points to IDTS to prove it. Heck, I think even Salads ended up with more than IDTS too, iirc.

    LOL you guys were the EDITED alliance that merged to victory on the beta riding Wonka's coattails (don't even remember the name of it, you were so insignificant). What a joke. Wasn't it BT that won the 5x or you claim victory you had almost nothing to do with there too. EDITED

    Here is for Colonel Reyel:

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    BTW, AV hired me as their DJ and haven't paid me yet. If you want to hire me and pay me, I can DJ and troll for you too on the forum.

    This one is more kid friendly and dedicated to Bente:

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    More dedications to follow. Any requests while I am here?

    Alliance analysis promised and delivered. If you want to do a player analysis, then by all means go for it. I gave context and being the point of the server is the team with the most VP at the end of it, it seems AV is the main server challenge to overcome. They are positioned to win this server unless we see other teams band together to take them down.

    Okay, there has been a major development, SC had one 200 VP region and lost it while AV overtook them in VP this morning.

    So now we got AV on top with 12251 victory points, SC right behind them but no VP to catch back up. Then in 3rd you got Stratego with 8502 VP and 310 a day to AV's 380. Okay, now to the analysis. I am going to do this by ranking starting from the top. These are going to be my rankings based on VP, regions controlled and the ancient powers the alliances have from them, and coverage of the map.

    #1 AV (Asgard Vikings) 12251 VP 380 per day. They are on top in VP and regions controlled (10), not to mention they have 3 more wings that control another 8 regions. Even if the main region were to lose some of those regions somehow, they could reshuffle and still come out on top. The only power I see them missing so far is a diet power in the main wing. They really seem to know how to play this type of server and merging early with Dark and TB looks like it was an intelligent move. Overtaking SC in VP in a significant lead over the rest of the alliances with SC losing their 200 VP a day made them clearly the alliance to beat now.

    #2 Stratego 8502 VP 310 per day. They control 7 regions plus one more in the other wings. They are missing a diet power also as well as a storage power. I think this is the only alliance on this server that can compete with AV just by the numbers of players. They seem to have a good amount of coverage across the map too. I'm wondering are these French players mostly or are they enthusiasts of French history?

    #3 UtdKebab 6998 VP 330 per day and Cheers! 1796 VP 140 per day. They control 5 and 3 regions respectively, with Cheers! having the unique trainer. They have quite a bit of coverage on the western portion of the map too. UtdKebab is basically an alliance from Turkey that merged with Joker. I guess when Dark and TB merged with AV they couldn't remain without more numbers. Not sure how or why Cheers decided to confed with them. Probably fighting with SC early they needed relief in more numbers? Maybe someone from either group can shed more light on this.

    #4 IDTS! (I don't think so!) 7383 VP 290 per day. From what I can tell this is a team of skilled veterans (who here hasn't heard of Wonka yet from past servers?) that have captured 6 regions so far with useful powers like the great trainer, great diet, rivals great confusion, and slight storage. Their map coverage is pretty much the middle west of the map, which could be great but could be very detrimental as well if they tried to move to other areas to open and capture other regions. Not sure they would merge or would want to with anyone. They seem to be the type of team that is here for a good fight rather than winning the server.

    #5 Salad@s 5945 VP 190 per day. This alliance has the unique boots and a great diet (5 regions total). Seems they are trying to move into where AV is moving into. which is more than likely a bad decision on their part. AV is already clearing them out of Durnonovaria and seems to have closed in on them in Caledonia. The reason they aren't ranked higher is VP.

    #6 FLA (Freeman League Academy) 5057 VP 50 per day. Seems this alliance has a NAP with AV now. I think the logical choice for them would be to dissolve and add their members to whichever AV wings would give them the numbers advantage in each specific region. AV main wing could use that slight diet control over there.

    #7 SC (Snailcats) 12022 VP 0 per day. Being in a war early and only grabbing one region is a recipe for failure and boy have they failed. They failed so hard, I was wondering if I should even place them on here. Did they really think holding a 200 VP region only they could turn it into a win? They have no chance at all to win now.

    So there you have it.

    If UtdKebab and Cheers weren't a confed, I'd probably put IDTS at #3, the UtdKebab at #4, then Cheers at #6, then move FLA to #7 and move SC to #8.

    I need a little time to put together a more concise analysis, but I will list the alliances that I will be including.
    These are the alliances (in order of current victory points) that I shall be discussing:


    If anyone wants to chime in on any of these teams beforehand, go for it.